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  2. New to this server, so apologies in advance if I should be reporting this some other way. I've been receiving whispers from some people while I'm playing. Some of these are kinda spamy, but I get why it's done so it doesn't bother me. However, I add the user to the ignore list expecting not to hear from them again, yet I'm still getting whispers from them after the fact. I right click their name to ignore again, and the game tells me they are already ignored. Is this a known bug?
  3. Hi there, My game get stucked after taking Q The Fel and the Furious (link below). tryed to reboot but still the same. cant even disable that Q. Could you help me somehow? https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?quest=10613 Thank you Thorpe Edit: It has 4min duration, after thatthe game get unstuck.
  4. I don't know what could mean that man which said it to u, i didn't saw anything wrong with def skill here. But just saw some people in the dungeons like to ask the tank a dumb question regarding its "def. cap" in moments when the tank dies quickly. Stupid questions because they are even don't want to see the statistics in the recount or combat log to understand what the tank died from... Maybe that man which said u was one of them, idk.
  5. Oh nono i know pretty well tanking in bc. Actualy i'm level 61 so i dont go hc. Its just someone told me that prot pally was hard to play because "on this server and in hc mode for the dongeons the def wasnt woking"... So i was a bit afraid of that and i though it should be better to ask here to be sure. Sorry my english is shit. Thanks for reply !
  6. I feel like the devs are out of options here. They were just too slow on the development of WOTLK (if it has even begun). Now the only way to get people to play here is to offer a (tbf very solid) TBC server and reset its progress so people have something to do. I guess they know this is not optimal and thats why they keep mostly silent. I guess we have to work with what we get. Lets see what the populations will be like, although I already see the netherwing realm dying (hope not!). Maybe there is a compromise solution here - like a transfer from old netherwing to the new one AT SOME POINT.
  7. What u mean "don't work"? It protect against crits, if u about reach 490 def skill, named - Crit Immune, and it work. But if u about when u reach Crit Immune u can easy tank every hc then u wrong.
  8. For some Reason I got teleported ingame, had an Fatal Error after that. Now can't login, I always get the Fatal Error. Can you unstuck me? Edit: Works now
  9. Ok sounds good ! Thanks Smaily
  10. Hello there,as far i know it work just fine.But feel free to join our Discord and ask around https://discordapp.com/invite/jT24fut
  11. Hello everyone, i asked some questions in the world chan of the server to help me with my Prot pally. Someone told me the defend cap wasn't working on this server for hc dungeons. Is it true ? And am i supposed to gear with avoidance instead of def ? Thanks for answer. Princess Shindae
  12. This quest as other related to AQ are disabled.Once AQ is scripted and open for the players all of this quests will be back in the game.
  13. за альянс играю. магом
  14. Hello! My character is level 68, friendly with Cenarion Expedition, and her cooking skill is 286 and I cannot pick up the sandy cookbook at the twilight base camp west of Cenarion Hold. I apologize, but I believe that having > 285 cooking was the only pre req for grabbing the book on the crate in the camp, am I missing something or is it bugged?
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  16. You can simpli find larger font for chat. http://www.vranx.com/font.htm
  17. EXACTLY,, shame i created new post before i red this first... i completely agree with u and i can assure you,,that many players of this server as well...there are options like theese : 1) we can stay on netherwing and dont go to fresh server 2)go from 0 and create charrs on fresh server BUT ! as i said,, and bahbrum.. many of us will want to stay on netherwing,, WHY ? because we want go into wotlk with our already polished charrs ,,, it is so demotaving to create new character on fresh knowing,, that it ll be all in vain because we would just return to our already geared charrs here .. but there is a high chance that staying on netherwing after fresh release wont be an option ,, because some players will want to go to fresh,, = average population on netherwing will be 400 ..Fresh will definetly have more players but for how long ? the consequences will be the low population if not suicide of netherwing ... we are aware that its hard to make wotlk,, but much more possitive and better option would be brining fresh after wotlk release here,, but when wotlk should come as was mentioned in 2021,, it will be too late for fresh because of classic tbc,,,,salvation for this server population is by bringing wotlk here much soon so fresh server would have plenty of time to full enjoy full content before tbc classic.. so,, bringing fresh now/soon will destroy this server,, all of this is jsut one result,, only WOTLk can save comunity here,, not in a month or after kiljaeden kill.. but much sooner than in 2021..
  18. i understand that atlantiss wants to "grab last opportunity" to have another tbc server before classic tbc comes out... but it will definetly split even more already small population ... it hurts my heart reading that wotlk should come in 2021,,, making another tbc server will maybe ,,JUST MAYBE bring some people,,but many of us will leave,, many of us who got atracted into vision of progressing into another xpac... why would we want to leave our polished geared,, skilled proffesions and much more.. to try from zero on other fresh server ? yea we could stay with our chars on current server and dont go to fresh ,, but why stay ? why should we wait loooong months into 2021 with gear capped chars ? and knowing that we will definetly progress with thoose chars to wolk,, already kills and demotivates idea of creating new charr on fresh server .. because why should we do it if we 100% know that we will abandon them anyway and come back to our polished charrs ? it just doesnt make sense... we are aware of hard work that brings making of wotlk.. but waiting to do it after tbc classic comes out or after releasing fresh tbc is unnecessary .. by starting and eventualy bringing wotlk here would make much more good than bringing fresh and waiting to 2021.. i know many of you have different ideas, and atlantiss amazing creators have own vision how to progress.. but as i read today suggestions here and some comments on forum.. i could see many questions ,, and many players who already hunger for wotlk
  19. Oh i think its not necessary to bring wotlk here after classic tbc comes out.. 82% of players here want wotlk ..and a big majority of it wants it in a near future..i know its hard work .. but by bringing wotlk here soon would be the salvation of population..thousands and thousands of constant online players..because this is the best private server ever ! Not maybe right after kiljaeden is killed..but please .. don't let us wait that long.. its so frustrating to wait such a long time with many of already polished geared and content enjoyed players... please give us wotlk.. and make this server even better if it is even possible
  20. Привет, для начала фракцию указал бы, к примеру за альянс сейчас 2 осталось (насколько мне известно), за орду не знаю. Если за альянс играешь, то ищи в игре офицеров либо с The Praetorians, либо с Hurricane.
  21. As far as i have been informed there are no plans to close Netherwing when said fresh realm will be opened. Let the fresh retards get what they want and let the people who want to polish their characters do so on Netherwing. Idc anymore about the fresthards spamming general chat and the world chat. There is literally no point to do so they will get it anyways. And there is whole lot of the elder community who are like the damn old trees like some giant sequoias in us. What doesnt work is to dig up the old tree and place it forcefully in new ,,fresh" land. Do you all get my point? I hope you do. No way in hell vast majority of our playerbase are fresh retards. If anything vast majority is interested into PTE but also there are some who are really only into the TBC cause they like it the most. Now if everyone would be carefully watching and observing developers and game masters comments on the said above matters you would be able to tell t hat everybody will get whatever they really want. But dont be foolish - there wont be 3 tbc realms at one time. Two is enough. People liked the project, liked its scripting so they actually wanted to have a go at it from the ground up and they have gotten what they have been asking for. Just to keep our tbc server alive i would maybe out of pure boredness go out to the wotlk realm to get into an rdf once in a while. My opinion about the wotlk raids is as follows - they are shit. They are only a gear check. If the enrage timers / bosses health will be boosted that means its even more of a dps / heal check than it would be on retail like wotlk scripts. Doesn't really matter what will happen on wotlk. I wanna play with my toon as long as i want and from what i have been told i will have that opportunity to play as long as i want on the TBC. People that like wotlk will have the option to do so at wotlk when it will be finally released. So i ask for this - be patient and just wait while playing - nobody will force you onto a new realm.
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  23. Hey, any ideas on what profession are best for a Tank warrior? Also good lvling spec? i think it's Fury with a 2h, from what i've read. Also found this Talents searching arround the forum https://imgur.com/a/wEmWyRd from Necrobattle666
  24. Straight from the get go after both download trys I keep getting this message. "Your computer is missing DivxDecoder.dll so the program can't start". The file is there and I don't move anything but edit the realmlist. I run the game with wow.exe and it opens up a "blizzard" progam and then I get the prompt
  25. Is it possible to set the nameplates to overlap and not stack in this version of ElvUI? It is really annoying where more units is at the same spot. Thank you in advance!
  26. orolin

    Fragma [RU]

    привет! я наконецто определился с сервером. но играть одному скучно. если есть русскоязычные гильдии и могут взять к себе мага,то буду рад. а второй вопрос ! как тут друиды в кошке?
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