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  2. You are "mechanically broken", just not in the way you think. And if they DO fix it, your damage will drop, significantly. But let's pummel and confuse you with facts before addressing your emotional distress: It's not a bug before Sept 17. In 2.4.3 Pets definitely did "try to get behind their targets when engaging in melee combat" (Patch 2.3). We're not there yet. Putting that aside, it's not a "big dps loss". Maybe it is a literal dps loss, because the magnitude of what you lose is pretty much the same as 1dps. It doesn't. What you describe is actually 2 different bugs. And it's far from "breaking" your hero. The first one is when Auto Shot seldomely bugs out and instead of shooting generates an Interrupted error. Didn't happen to my hunter since RFK (and even then the fix was hit esc and right-click anything (or double tap Auto). Has nothing to do with switching your target. The second is that switching targets resets your shot timer. What it should do is reset your animation (foreswing) timer. But 100% of private servers don't know wtf animation timer is (this isn't dota1; most players don't know either, and that's a LOT more people) - so just between us I have 0 expectations of any pserver (NW included) ever getting this mechanic to function correctly. Pets (on all pservers) in general move at the hunter's speed when not fighting. For example, your pet will never fall behind you when you use AotC. KC is a hunter spell, not a pet ability. As such, your pet's position has no bearing on it's usage. If you don't even know that much I suggest you think twice before commenting on any "bug". "Oh my GOD I have to micro my pet". Your pet's threat list doesn't work the way you think it does. Make it aware of more targets or don't complain. Literally never had this happen. So how are hunters broken, you ask? Simple. In TBC raiding a hunter had to literally do 3 things: Copy a macro (2 if your raid insisted you actually use MD) from the web. Use elixirs and buff food. Don't forget wearing your gear and buying ammo. Make sure when pressing their only button on the bars that their not clipping their Auto Shot. So where did it break? On the only thing you actually do in raid - #3. Due to Animation Time being an unheard of concept on private servers, without spamming the macro you will never clip Auto. Auto fires even while casting.
  3. Here the addon : https://github.com/Schaka/ArenaCountDown/archive/master.zip
  4. john91


    Ok I will add you guys to friends, and we will do premade without PVE builds people.
  5. I'm looking for an addon to have a count down in Arena. Xperl do it in bg, but it don't work on Arena on this serv. Arena count down by schacka don't work too, or i forgot something... Ty Edit : i just rename the folder and it worked. (Arena count down -master => Arena count down) You Can close that threat
  6. Macumbafeh


    Nice Idea my Man! There is too many healers on Ally side and a lot of players don't cc/nuke them... As you said, like in PvE there is strat, on PvP it's the same. I'm in ! => Macumba elesham PvP => Makumba (my brother) feral PvP
  7. I strongly agree... hard to farm especially for new joiners
  8. Amigos hispano hablantes, la horda os necesita. En <Sol Oscuro> reclutamos para continuar con nuestro progreso PVE (KZ 10/11 & Gruul 2/2) y comenzar SSC. Todas las clases y levels son bienvenidos. Un abrazo amigos alianza
  9. Hunter bugs Pets dont attack rear of boss's (big dps loss) and cleave effects kill them (Nightbane this happens all the time). Switching targets causes range weapon to bug out dealing 0 dmg and being stuck in a reload loop. Pet when called back returns at slower speed when dash / Dive is activated. Kill command can be activated when pet is not in melee range. Pet returns to the hunter after each kill when on defensive mode, rather then move onto the next target in combat with. When a pet gets ressed its stuck on the spot unless its told to follow again when it's already set on follow. These have been prevalent bugs since the Beta, and I would have really hoped by now that they would have been addressed. I honestly can't see any of the breaking issues that effect hunters to ever be addressed seeing that 2.3 is next month and sunwell after that. With DPS requirements being so high for Sunwell and the extra attention that is required to play BM (on this server) with pets that have less mobility (Broken movement speed buff) to get out of AoE effects will cause a lot of players to lose their patience with this server. Please address the Hunters issues stated above. Some are more important than others, but all together make the class borderline broken on this server. I have reported these issues on the bug tracker months ago.
  10. Текущтй прогресс Gruul [2/2], Magtheridon's Lair[1/1], SSC [5/6], TK[1/4]. На ванилу не собираемся. Ищем рестор друида со стабильным онлайном гир не важен.
  11. john91


    I have been playing PVP for some time. Unfortunately, I noticed that half of the players on BG come in PVE talents. And a lot of these players treat BG as AFK, or just waiting for free honor ... BG looks like half of the players don't know what to do with each other, or there is AFK. I would like the PVP horde to be at a higher level, which would cause less frustration on BG. My suggestion is: - Creating a channel to collect people with pvp build together (pvp players are not taken on raids, so why people with pve build should be able to walk with PVP people on BG?) PVE build is not used to walk on BG ... same as PVP to go on raids. Under the bank in SHAT we divide into two groups (premade) looking for everyone to have PVP build. I await your opinions. Let's make PVP in the horde pleasant and better and unique for PVP players. CHANNEL is: /join pvp
  12. Pgeforum

    <Hive> EU

    Post is updated with our current progression: 5/5 MH, 4/9 BT. As of right now theres no specific classes and roles we are looking to recruit, however if you're a high skilled exceptional player we will always be open minded and have a chat with you.
  13. Thank you for answer That's all i wanted to know! Cheers!
  14. Some achievement progress (such as the number of completed quests) will be awarded automatically after the transition.
  15. Hey! I was wondering, since server will have another realm with Wotlk and later with Cataclysm so we can progress our toons through 3 expansions - how it's gonna be with Achievements with transition TBC -> Wotlk? I mean on TBC we have no such thing like Achievements, so when you transfer my character to Wotlk i will have to do all quests i did all over again to get achievements or it will "transfer" somehow too? I know it's still far away but i'm just curious how it's gonna look Best regards!
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  17. Hali guild nevet mondasz? mert nemtudom hogy fenn leszel-e mikor én és akkor betudna venni más is ha van rá feljogosultsága.
  18. There's no forum for Dragonwrath anymore and its Discord seems dead, with spam in every room. So I see nowhere else to ask about this but here. I tried to login to Dragonwrath today after being inactive for a month and a half due to work, but I noticed I couldn't login today. When I try to login, I am presented with a "Realm Selection" dialogue. I can select "Dragonwrath" or "Dragonwrath - PTR". But when I select either one, it merely says "Logging in to game server" and then nothing happens. It seems the servers have perhaps finally ceased to function. I read here that there is no more support for Dragonwrath. So is that it, then? An unceremonious death to a server over half a decade old which had thousands of players? Many of us could not migrate because we didn't meet the very stringent requirements. The Discord announcements room still says, "Note! Characters that will reach level 80 after the transfers announcement WON'T be able to transfer this character." None of the friends I knew met this requirement. Even besides this, many of us liked Cata and did not want to play MoP, let alone move to a new server. /sigh TLDR: If the server is truly dead, please announce it to your hundreds, if not thousands, of loyal Dragonwrath players and/or open-source your code. If you pursue the latter option, at least the community can maintain this work that has gone on for so many years. If not, then it will all grow stale and useless over time. If you don't want others to profit from your free work (which is understandable), why not release it under a strict license like GPL or AGPL? Heck, this idea is even on your FAQ page right now, so what's stopping you? IMHO, it would be better to let the community have the work so it doesn't die. To obstinately hold onto it will let it die for sure.
  19. I think it might have had to do with the fact that my character was drunk at the time and it had an error trying to display the hat while everything was blurry. Not sure at this point. It has displayed correctly since my character sobered up.
  20. Alright, thanks for the help.
  21. Remote currently - otherwise I would troubleshoot this on my character. Perhaps this source can help?
  22. I use Questhelper myself - and haven't necessarily had an issue with turn-ins since onset of playing back in February. Perhaps a mixture of UI, questhelper, and item query addons causing the issue? While it is not related to the OP : Moderators and GM's have their own lives too. They do not constantly lurk the support forums - as the Discord support channel is more immediate and constantly attended to due to volume.
  23. True... Or atleast we Can keep 20% like Honor and AP. So 20 marks of each bgs would be cool too.
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