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  2. If you're in a party/raid with multiple casters that would benefit (and someone else doesn't have it covered), obviously CoE, but what about the rest of the time? If you're soloing does CoE add enough damage to other stuff to be worth it as affliction? What about bosses or trash in 5mans with no other casters? I miss maxdps. Thoughts?
  3. u still can play x1 if u want.Just type .char bonusExp in chat (ingame)
  4. Before starting, they promised x1 rate server, mhm?
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  6. Once they release the data we gonna make a guide
  7. I am trying to figure how to transfer accounts from Lightshope to here. Is it possible to get a guide on how to, please?
  8. You didn't delete teams at S3 and it was cool. What about 5vs5 now? Could we have something to see this bracket queue? Ty
  9. vote vor .char pvp off! or find a reason to prevent lowbis been ganket from stupid 70s... ok ist pvp.. but never a flywight join the ring vs an heavywight ...
  10. Para las personas que vienen de Lightshope, aca estamos esperandolos con los brazos abiertos! VAMO VAMO!!!
  11. Skeith16.09.2019 Greetings @everyone Just here to give you an update on the availability of character exports. Our developer has had a few hurdles in real life and has had to put them on the backburner and we apologize for the delay. I am happy to say that the character exports will be made available to you on October 5th, 2019. We're sorry if this isn't as quick as you'd like, but seeing as this is likely the last thing this project will be delivering to our players we definitely want to be sure it's done right. Thank you all for your patience.
  12. Viva la Battle Chicken! Don't let that poultry die! Seriously i need to make this...
  13. As i say...we waiting for LH to release the data.
  14. It has been almost over a month now since the launch and we still have no update. Any news? Will there be a transfer or it was cancelled?
  15. Petite mise à jour, car je suis passé GM et pas mal d'anciens ne se reco plus. On est en phase d'essayer de monter un roster 10 pour kara en mode familiale full fr :).
  16. BUMP - 1/4 TK (Recruitment still open - particularly Holy Priests)
  17. https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/projects/1#card-16493413 This bug has been known since Jan 03. The Gnomish Battle Chicken is the engineering profession's version of a LW's drums. It seems to be lost among the "This mob's name is misspelled" problems. This is more important than a low priority problem - it's an item that was used throughout every raiding guild on live. I find it hard to believe that if Drums of Battle were in a broken and unusable state that they would be rated as a low priority problem. The chicken is one shot by a level 10 monster (presumably it has 1 hp), and it doesn't seem to Battle Squawk. Anyway, here's hoping someone sees this who can do something about it. Here's a full list of the many attempts people have made to shine light on the problem: https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+gnomish+battle+chicken
  18. On other private servers there was option "report spam", but unfortunately it's not on this, the ignore list already contains more than 200 nicknames (through addon ignore more), half of which would be much more convenient to flag through "report spam", because it blocks messages only for some time. And why is it missing on this server? Does this have anything to do with adding it on later patches?
  19. You have way better % for answer and finding a guild in our discord.
  20. I've stopped actively playing on this server at the beginning of June because of a job I had to do for the summer. I could simply not commit to raiding due to inability to consistently play during the evenings (really shitty job). Now I come back having a druid which is attuned yet not having stepped foot in Kara and a mage which is still farming gold for tailoring epics. Question is, is there a point? Have I missed the train? Are there any guilds looking for new recruits at the very start of raiding progression on the Alliance side? How do I even catch up to raiders?
  21. Germans where u at? Illidan still alive. Zul'Aman clear:
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