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  2. betoo007123

    Problems logging in

    when i try to log in the game, it appears "disconected from server", why ?
  3. claudelu

    The problem of the rogue's innate mercilessness

    You misunderstood it. If you have more combo points you have a higher chance of restoring the 25 energy. But it will always restore 25 energy.
  4. claudelu

    Character restore

    Hello. The staff of this server prefers to use discord as a way of communicating with people. Almost nobody responds on forums. My suggestion is to go to discord and try to talk with somebody there.
  5. cirogarcia

    TBC 2.4.3 Addons

    Ive seen a list of a database for the MobInfo addon, anyone knows where to find it?? since i play from two computers sometimes it updates on one, but not in the other.
  6. Today
  7. Confidenze

    Elemental vs Enhancement for leveling

    Hello fellow shamans. Im currently leveling my shaman and it seems im starting to struggle around the late 20s early 30s levels. Im currently specced elemental, but im strongly considering swapping spec until outlands. What are your experiences with caster vs melee shaman leveling?
  8. blenq2


    Account nick blenq2 Game nick tankmen I was banned on my accounts 1 days ago. Please unban my character
  9. md3oft

    cheat ban

    Hi, my friends online with my hero mdsoft , and they'are got a cheat for cover lvlup and you ban my hero mdsoft you can check ip address i neaver do cheat plz un ban my hero
  10. lifeless

    Character restore

    Hello, i have a problem on website, i want to restore my char, and the service panel says "theres no char to be restored", pls ill pay for the service, i just want my char back, can any GM contact me in private? I don't wanna to tell private informations here about my char
  11. Hello dear GM, when I want to ask about the rogue's relentless strike talent, the talent description is that every combo point has a 20% chance to return 25 points of energy, that is to say, if I have 5-star finishing skill, it should have a chance to return more than 25 points of energy, right? But our server, every time I finish skill, I will reply 25 energy at most. I want to ask this is BUG?
  12. Level 40 Windfury servant that just got his dual wield skill looking for a partner in crime for dungeons, quests and professions. I curse diseases, poisons and heal when things might go wrong. My plan is to go elemental at level 60, but that might change.
  13. kaelis

    VOSTFR French speaking guild

    Bonjour a vous les VOSTF voila je suis plutot intérésser par rejoindre le serveur mais j avais juste une question : pour vos raids vous recrutez encore du chaman dps , si oui quel spé et si non qu est ce que vous recrutez encore. Merci.
  14. whamio

    <Nethergarde> AU/NZ GMT+10 - GMT+13

    You mean to tell me...there are guilds which do not take horde transfers?
  15. beerfish

    <Endwise> (EU) 11/11 Karazhan recruiting!

    Let's talk! Whisper me in-game or throw me a PM on Discord.
  16. Nemebetas

    PlateBuffer - Nameplate Auras released!

    I'm still leveling and just stopped at 65 to do my UI. I wonder if you are the right guy to ask why TBC doesn't have threat plates. Like that blue aura glow turning red if the mob is not attacking you for example. Looking into it it seems it is because it was a function that was introduced in wotlk. Is there no way around this at all?
  17. Nemebetas

    Is leveling as Protection worth it?

    I went prot at 50 and ran a few dungeons. Questing as prot was so slow i went back ret. Even at 65 i see people that are prot questing around me and i watch how long it takes them to kill a mob. Don't get me wrong they have no issue doing so but in 1 minute i can kill 4 mobs on average and they kill 2.
  18. claudelu

    deleted toon

    If you donate. There is a restore character option.
  19. Hello friends! Intrepid are seeking all Oceanic/SEA horde players, casual and hardcore alike We're primarily Aussie but we have players from NZ and Asia as well! 11/11 Karazhan, 2/2 Gruul's Lair We're recruiting raiders, especially non-priest healers and ranged DPS to round out our roster for SSC progression. Social and casual players also very welcome. Raid times - Tuesday, Wednesday, sometimes Monday @ 5.30-8.30PM (+8GMT) 11.30am-2.30PM (Server Time +1GMT) Run by experienced core. Relaxed, friendly environment with a very active and social discord. We even have a guild chat bot to talk to players in game (from discord)! For more information, PST Ari (myself) or another officer in-game. You're also welcome to chat to us on our discord @ https://discord.gg/wGXvNX7
  20. kaseym92


    when i go to transfer to ally it says invalid information given?
  21. Kieline

    deleted toon

    !!!! My jerk buddy deleted my level 29 hunter Kieline while he was in my dorm room. Is there any way i can get him restored?
  22. Lazernw

    <Nethergarde> AU/NZ GMT+10 - GMT+13

    11/11 Kara 2/2 Gruul into SSC this week
  23. Yesterday
  24. catweazle1986

    Will I get banned?

    Hi folks, Thanks for the server and everything. I'm not up on these things but the 'scripting' for netherwing is fantastic I noticed much attention to detail compared with other private servers so thanks for all your hard work. I want to ask if i have two accounts will I get banned if i run my alt through a dungeon? its low level stuff obviously but i play off peak hours and if i run myself through a dungeon is that wrong? i haven't done so but I realized from another other post about multiboxing that I might get banned. I really don't mind either way its just a game.. but obviously i don't want to needlessly get banned after sinking in x amount of hours etc. I have zero interest in multlboxing or anything of the sort. Cheers!!
  25. whamio

    Any casual/leveling guilds around?

    welcome! NA or EU?
  26. Abyssal

    multiple accounts from same house

    My GF and I have played in the same APT since the server launched with no problems.
  27. Typhun

    Alliance/Horde which class

    Hi guys! Thanks for your answers. Over easter i had time to think about it and decided to try the Horde! And for me, as an Veteran vanilla Player, the Horde is defined by schamans. According to you it is a class needed very often, so i think i will have a Lot of fun! See you in Azeroth! Thank you so much! Z ya Typhun
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