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  3. Building up on popular Felmyst BiS-Lists I made my own specific for warlocks but usable for all caster classes in general. Warlock Patch 2.1 Tier6 BiS Gear For reference: Felmyst Pre T6 || Felmyst Pre T5 || Felmyst Pre-Raid
  4. Epiclesis

    Forbidden addons

    Uh.... https://atlantiss.eu/rules In-Game Offenses Using 3rd party programs (hacks, cheats, bots, etc.), exploiting or abusing bugs in order to gain advantage (intentionally or not).
  5. Epiclesis

    1x OR 2x

    You can enable and disable with .char bonusExp
  6. gyzb90

    Show your UI!

    ElvUI QuestHelper Gatherer ItemRack PallyPower WIM
  7. Dualitye

    VOSTFR French speaking guild

    Depuis le 23 avril, j'imagine que tu as déjà eu ta réponse dans le jeux :) D'après les informations que j'ai, le roster Tank/Heal est full. Là où il y a du turn-over, c'est chez les ranged dps.
  8. tom666pop

    1x OR 2x

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I know there is a command where you can switch from 2x to normal - so its up to you. Ask your self why are you plaing here, If you wanna feel typical real 1x TBC expireins, OK go for it, no1 is stoping you. But why you don't wanna let other ppl go for 2x ? Its not lvling "race" any more, a lot of ppl have 70s already.
  9. Hey guys, have a problem with 1 quest in Shadowmoon Valley. We have finished chain of many quests right know and the last one is impossible to complete. When i do dmg to demon it interrupted and i fail. Can u help me with this pls? :/ thanks Its Q: Teron Gorefiend, I am...
  10. Dualitye

    Corpse Camping

    Did you try to open a ticket in game ?
  11. delano

    1x OR 2x

    2x addresses a lot of issues that people have with not enough alliance players in battlegrounds..
  12. TelanoreTBC

    Pet name invalid characters

    I asked a GM, and it seems pet names are shared with player names in that if the pet name is already taken by a player (or other pet?), you can't reuse it. So you have to either find an available name, or use all lower case letters.
  13. razdaz

    1x OR 2x

    Part of the journey in classic and TBC is the leveling journey to max so switch it off if you wanna experience that but personally, I'm kinda done with the leveling grind although not so much that I need such inflated xp rates, x2 is a good preset for me. Not too fast, not too slow. Although I would rather see these xp events shorter, maybe 1 week as opposed to this seemingly month long event.
  14. razdaz

    Viable Shockadin?

    It's not really viable for competitive PvP or PvE but it is viable as a leveling option or casual PvP/PvE if you have the gear it seems. I'm currently leveling my pala as shock and I do decent dps, not as much as Ret but its actually quite efficient on mana and you can AoE pull with enough spellpower. Open world PvP, pretty good since you are so difficult to kill and deal decent damage in return. Overall, I'd only advise it if you really want to try it or you are leveling/farming as holy for healing in dungeons as well which is what I'm doing.
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  16. tsu

    Show your UI!

    @trancelolz I dig the Party Frames, gonna try to do similar thing with my SUF!
  17. Darkslide

    2x xp rates will ruin the server (for me)

    2x rates its great me and 6 friends of mine created new acc only because 2x rates and faster leveling. Im pretty sure we are not alone who start play because 2x. Thanks for that !
  18. ryndaris

    [EU] <Tempest> [semi-hardcore]

    Yes, absolutely - just drop us an app like normal, only mention that you're applying as a social for now.
  19. ryndaris

    [EU] <Tempest> [semi-hardcore]

    Hey, thanks for your interest. If you'd like to join our raid team, please drop us an application here: https://goo.gl/forms/mqD124bb4j36IdV53 and we'll get back to you soon!
  20. tom666pop

    Multiboxing - miss understanding issue

    I guss you dont get what my point was, thats exacly what i was seing, "make new character on new acc" and just play. - thats all about. Play normaly with your main and alts.
  21. Neawaf

    [EU] <Tempest> [semi-hardcore]

    Do you take in socials that arent lvl 70 yet?
  22. mudlasmudla123

    [EU] <Tempest> [semi-hardcore]

    Hi, I want to ask if you are looking at you Rduid / Feral tank nick Slukarmcpras i want guild.i want to change Guild because I want to go raids bigest than T4. thanks
  23. vilden1k

    [DE] <SolidCore> German PvE Guild 6/6 SSC 3/4 TK

    Mainly looking for Healers and Shadow Priest/Mage. Meldet euch :)
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