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  2. encore707

    Account Closed?

    Been over 48 hours and still nothing. Can someone look into this or can i talk to someone on discord please. Thank you.
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  4. Wintermute22

    Blood Elf Bandit Mask

    I remember back in the day farming the Blood Elf Bandit Mask to make some gold. I've been farming it along with a friend for hours with no drops, nor are there any posted on the Auction house, (neutral or otherwise.) Has anyone had any luck looting this item?
  5. Tensha

    Quick question

    Maybe. One way or another thanks for the help, and my name is not taken which make me so happy. I guess see you on the plains of Azeroth :) Edit: And I would have never thought that TBC will make me so happy.
  6. fettsgg

    9pm pacific fri/sat guild

    i would join
  7. Yesterday
  8. raymos

    [News Discussion]Leveling Adjustments

    (They advertised using this as a basis, that is what we call "false advertisement")
  9. Not sure why but every time I log off everything in my UI gets reset to default. Keybindings, video settings, sound settings, etc... everything. Anyone else having similar problem or know why this may be happening?
  10. happened again, does it just automatically, secretly, get the money from the auctions without u knowing, or is the mailbox eating it
  11. tygoro5

    Ban Appeal - Exploit (hacking?)

    Hello, I need to request a ban appeal. I was just banned. I believe I found an exploit, but your reason says I was hacking. After flying and landing my speed somehow maintained the same. I logged in and out, and no change. I was having fun even toggling stealth, or getting hamstrung, anything didn't seem to affect it and it was fun so I decided to go pvp in STV swiftly and boom I was banned.
  12. Gunkas

    Withered Basidium

    UPDATE: I found a second one and it let me accept the quest this time. My only assumption is that somehow I was able to pick up what it coded to be the Horde's version of it?
  13. Gunkas

    Withered Basidium

    Ran into an interesting bug today where I couldn't accept a quest because I was not of the appropriate race.
  14. Heal5959

    rant? idk

    Pexing on alliance side is such a pain, it doesn't matter where you go there will always be 3+ horde players waiting for you.
  15. Sna1lly

    rant? idk

    Honestly i've been side to side doing my quests with alliance quite often, no agression just minding their own business. Hell if i could group up with other factions i probably wouldve done that a lot more than allied faction lol. Sometimes i get ganked while my party isnt, they say its because im an undead rogue xD Theres always this guy that has this kind off mentality of being the big boy, id often like to think they get bullied at school/work so when they get home they can "bully" on world of warcraft by corpse camping. And then you have the, i avoid you at full hp but when your done killing quest mobs and are a one or two shot, imma kill you type of guy. Or the well known, crusade around the world with my full group to kill lone wolfs. Anyway it is how it is, i dont gank. What you dont want to happen to yourself you shouldnt be doing so to others. Just remember that, Good over evil.
  16. pawliwaka

    can't play as my character

    thank you!
  17. whamio

    Quick question

    Oh! I think you are talking about the privileges of being a beta tester back then when atlantiss was testing out the server before it opened to the public. If I understood it right..those that contributed with beta testing by leveling,questing chars to 70 got rewarded apparently name reservation was one of the benefits. Good luck leveling! Here's to hoping your name is not taken!
  18. WarriorTsw

    <Memory> EU (Testing Beta also)

    Updated recruit. Shadow Priest
  19. matthewwood1990

    can't play as my character

    Send a DM to a Game Master in discord with the character name and they can portal your character out of the tram system back to a capital this should allow you to log back in on that character.
  20. Alinosa

    How to zoom out a lot

    ./console cameradistancemaxfactor 50
  21. Tensha

    Quick question

    Thanks I heard it was about getting only the main characters with some perks from Dragonwrath to Netherwing, and I heard it from many people, so now I'm confused. I mean if it not posible than I will have to start from zero again. Just hoping that my nickname is not taken.
  22. DarkMe1989

    [News Discussion]Leveling Adjustments

    so what? Leveling up in TBC is too fast any way.
  23. claudelu

    So, about those quest drops...

    I played in 2006 wow. I can tell you for sure drop rates were not so low on some quest items. One thing i noticed on this server is that if you group up, quests items seem to have a higher chance of dropping.
  24. Albarok

    TBC 2.4.3 Addons

    I'm trying to get the Enhanced Tooltip mod running, but it always shows Stubby being out of date and it won't work even when loading out of date mods. I've tried to download Stubby from several different sources but I just can't find one that would work as a dependency. Does anyone have an up to date version?
  25. pawliwaka

    can't play as my character

    I can't play as my character anymore. I was in iron forge on the tram and then the game crashed. it crashes every time i try to log in as that character. i have not been able to log back in as that character. it's been near an hour. I created another character and that works fine, but not the other one. Is that character gone for good? He was only level 15 so it's no biggie - just wondering.
  26. DarkMe1989

    Add a donate paypal option

    yes i would like to donate as well. And no, i do not want your shitty cosmetics.
  27. raymos

    [News Discussion]Leveling Adjustments

    I am hearing reports that this was never fully implemented. Is that true? Edit: Found this, which verifies this change was never fully implemented https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/4141
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