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  1. simii

    Feral Druid Megathread

    aldor or scryer for ferals?
  2. simii

    Dreamstate build

    Meh. Doable if you are a dreamstate druid because of PVP and don't wanna retalent, especially once everyone will get a little more geared. Definitely not beneficial. In heroics, its very rare that you wipe because you run out of mana as a druid. You most likely won't be able to really push dps, and its not really needed often. And that's the main benefits (which apply to pve) of dreamstates. 2.0 itemization is not that optimal for dreamstate druids however
  3. And this is coming from someone who managed to play 6 hours a day. Imagine what its like for people (like me) who has like 2 hours of playtime, like 4 times a week. What I liked in arenas that you could still do relatively well without nolifing the game, just playing casually. I realize that its an MMO so more time invested equals better chances and gear, so I'm not crying about it, it just makes me feel a little disappointed. However, I also realize that an incentive is needed for pvp.
  4. only for automation and sniping but not scanning
  5. After reading Evolve's post about his research I was wondering if Spell Delay (aka "spell batching") is active at all on Netherwing. And if so, do you plan on improving it to be in line with Evolve's research?
  6. Wolf already said no, and the 2 racials you mentioned would be way too OP
  7. simii


    there's no RAF xp bonus on netherwing, that's on the atlantiss cata server.
  8. At least read discord/forum announcements before you make suggestions, it is exactly what they are planning to do. Horde to Alliance character transfer will be live today/tomorrow.
  9. Is it gonna be implemented, or not? If so, when?
  10. With or without faction queue, either way, they need to implement faction transfer. Many people rolled alliance because of the que, not because they didn't want horde racials or shit. Some alliance players would have rolled horde if it wasn't for the PROMISED AND ALREADY DECIDED faction queue. So if the queue is scratched, it's only fair that these players can transfer. On the other hand, I'm also fine with the queue, in which case horde -> alliance transfers are necessary, or even more people are going to quit instead of rerolling.
  11. Let me start by stating that I know the reasons why NW has a faction queue. However, it still saddens me a little. I don't have time anymore to be logged in 24/7. With roughly 2 hours of playtime a day, I don't want to spend 1 of that in a queue, not playing. Yeah yeah, I know, "just play alliance". I would, and I used to, but the horde version of the class I'm playing now is better looking, and has superior racials. I don't want to feel gimped compared to others because I had to make a decision due to a queue. It's the TBC design that some racials are better for certain purposes (draenei male lol) Guilds will have to go ultra hardcore and be logged in 24/7 or go alliance to actually raid reliably, no more quick 1-2 hour arena sessions, etc. Now, I'm not that entitled to say delete the queue altogether. But in it's current implementation, imo it's not a fair solution and it needs to be altered in some ways to make it much more player friendly. I would advocate implementing a grace period after DC at least, and kick afk players/afk on character screen players a little faster. I feel like these are still not enough but at least a start. What do you think needs to be implemented to improve the situation?
  12. simii


    >takes vanilla pvp titles seriously >tries to insult with arena rating choose one pls, ppl who play arena seriously don't waste time on grinding 60k HKs
  13. simii


    lmao nobody cares about shitty vanilla pvp titles, it's not an incentive
  14. he could help debug and find the reason for the crashes. Doesn't need to fix the code per se. He doesn't need to understand how the whole thing works. There are people who's job is exactly that, they fly out to companies to help them troubleshoot for a day. Or two.
  15. Yeah, we all know the NW team has good programmers, this is not a criticism of their ability or a doubt of their skills. But it's a small team which currently seems like they are in a little over their head s, and they need to fix this ASAP otherwise they will lose most of the players, so it's time to swallow their pride. Everybody says the quality of gameplay would be exceptional, apart from the crashes. You guys did something brilliant, just needs one more nudge. But the timing of that nudge is essential. So, hire a superstar developer through Upwork or some shit, even by the means of donations if needed (since the hourly rates of good ones are freaking expensive). Someone who is exceptionally great, has a good, proven track record of debugging and what you need, and does this as a living. Maybe all it needs is an external professional to provide new insight, new ideas, an extra set of competent eyes - we all know how stressful this launch must be for your devs and might not be able to deal with all that AND fix something so complicated and crucial at the same time. I'm confident if he even helps identifying the main source of the crash the NW devs will fix it easily, the hard part is the identification. This is our chance for a good TBC server. If NW fails and rereleases the retarded community will never trust the NW team again, and the only problem is stability.