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  1. raymos

    [News Discussion]Leveling Adjustments

    (They advertised using this as a basis, that is what we call "false advertisement")
  2. raymos

    [News Discussion]Leveling Adjustments

    I am hearing reports that this was never fully implemented. Is that true? Edit: Found this, which verifies this change was never fully implemented https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/4141
  3. Population ratio is sitting at 60/40 currently. This means for every 2 alliance, there are 3 horde. I was informed that the solution for this is a faction queue that starts when the population is higher than 3200. This is great for EU times where there is regularly more than 3200 players. But besides EU times? The peak rarely hits this point. I would like to know if it is intentional or unintentional that the faction imbalance solution solely focuses on European players. I don't understand why faction imbalance is something that needs fixed for European time zones, and can be ignored for literally everyone else. There hasn't been a single NA GM for over a month and a half now. I honestly don't know if there is even a non-EU GM. Is this alienation of thousands of players intentional?
  4. raymos

    new account, cannot get to character login screen

    Are you able to log into your account via yggr website? Are you running windows 10? Possibly try running wow.exe as an administrator
  5. raymos

    Horde population needs to be fixed now

    Forums arent moderated, it is where ideas go to die.
  6. raymos

    Stop publicizing account names please

    It does seem rather unsecure, that is for sure. Doubtful they will do anything though.
  7. raymos

    Mount Bug?

    Are you... on the right server? Level 30 is when you can use a mount. Maybe try deleting your cache and wtf folders
  8. raymos

    Camera Stuck if Zoomed In

    Sounds like your zoom out isnt working? Maybe the keybind?
  9. raymos

    Recruit A Friend Not Working?

    RAF doesn't work on Netherwing
  10. raymos

    So much for the promised queue.

    What you are referring to is called "impression bias". We can do a rather simple test to prove how the point you are trying to make holds no ground. Do /who for any contested zone and have an alliance do the same /who. The current faction imbalance is hovering over 40:60, and is only getting worse. This means that for every 2 alliance, there are 3 horde. It means there are 50% more horde than alliance. You are correct saying that whenever you go to a contested zone... it'll be contested. That isnt the point of what this thread is about. It is the fact that despite your experiences, alliance have it much worse. This has happened to plenty of servers in the past, and is the hands down fastest way to completely kill the pvp environment of a server.
  11. raymos

    Random freezes

    View distance and terrain distance are two different settings
  12. raymos

    Random freezes

    This is a server to client communication issue. The way to resolve is by lowering terrain distance setting ingame.
  13. raymos

    Cant install TBC Client

    This sounds like a problem with your utorrent client. I just tested and can run it no problem. Just download deluge, it is an open source torrent client to assure no telemetry or annoying ads that utorrent does =)
  14. raymos

    Cant install TBC Client

    ...transferred account? Are you using one of these links? Torrent: https://download.atlantiss.eu/tbc/torrent-tbc.html Direct Link: https://download.atlantiss.eu/tbc/TBC-
  15. raymos

    Botting bans

    Best bet is to cross your fingers and hope for the best with your appeal. Good luck brother