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  1. This is a backported addon from WoTLK, which shows the opposite faction and allows you to create kill on sight lists, etc. For WoW Burning Crusade 2.4.3
  2. play whatever you enjoy the most. There is always lack of tanks.
  3. I like it alot. Not sure if its allowed or not. Would love if it is.
  4. Thanks it worked. Steady 144 fps all the time on max settings.
  5. I have intel i5 4690 What value should i use ?
  6. Varadin

    WOD Models

    If it edits exe file than you will be flagged and banned.
  7. anything that conflicts and mod with exe files will get you detected and banned , so no it is not allowed.
  8. ofcourse , as soon as you reach level 70 you can train it in shadowmoon valley, but u need gold and 100% ground mount already learnt.
  9. As long as we get minimun 3000 players there will be good PVP.
  10. Apply to Crimson, we are friendly :) https://discord.gg/2M945uw
  11. If you cant see how getting lvl 70 without anything is still a huge advantage than i feel sorry for u