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  1. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    Could use a good, reliable Elemental Shaman.
  2. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    As always, seeking a Warlock. Have some need for Elemental Shaman as well :)
  3. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    Still looking for a reliable warlock or two.
  4. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    Could use a solid warlock or two :)
  5. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    Just need a reliable Ret paladin.
  6. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    Still looking for a reliable Hunter and Protection warrior.
  7. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    Still need a solid Hunter and a reliable Arms/Prot warrior
  8. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    Seeking a paladin and Hunter.
  9. DGProbe99

    Crimson [EU]

    Crimson (Alliance-EU) is recruiting. Our core is a group who have been raiding together since around August 2015 on various servers. Most recently we progressed into SSC on Hellfire and were about to enter T5 on felmyst. In the past we have cleared 8/8 BWL on Darrowshire and killed C'thun on Kronos. Many of us also have extensive retail experience. Our leadership cleared all TBC content in retail. Most of us are working adults and our raid environment reflects that, falling somewhere between casual and hardcore. We expect raiders to put in effort on consumables and gear, but we also expect real life priorities to come first. We raid to progress, but we also raid to enjoy ourselves with fun times so we try to keep a relaxed atmosphere. We have always progressed at a steady pace, somewhere in the middle of the pack, on previous private servers. We expect to do so again on Netherwing. If you are looking for a progression oriented raid environment that does not demand the kind of time commitment of a hardcore raiding guild, Crimson might be for you. Our tentative raid times are: 25 mans Wednesday: 19:30-22:30 CET (EST 130-430pm) Sunday: 19:30-22:30 CET (EST 1-430pm) Monday: 19:30-22:30 CET (EST 1-430pm) On hellfire we swapped to three 25 man nights once we got into SSC. It is of primary importance that you can attend Sunday+Monday for 25 man raids. If you cant make kara and pug it yourself each week, that is fine. Current Recruitment Needs: Elemental Shaman. Considering exceptional players of all classes However everyone is welcome! Can Contact Ashlexie in game or on discord: Arnamik#4476
  10. DGProbe99

    How populated is this server?

    that is pretty accurate for now, it is still in the beta stage and thus the population is much lower than it will be when it launches.
  11. DGProbe99

    Server Shutdown??

    pretty confident as they have been running a cataclysm server since 2012ish.
  12. Id say no, as if i recall correctly, wolf has made mention that vanilla raids wont be around at launch
  13. As Armazor said I dont think they really need to hype the project much. As it already has good bit of interest and when we get closer to launch they can make a quick promo video with a date. If it has a smooth launch it should have a solid pop that should climb as more hear of it.
  14. DGProbe99

    What faction u gonna play?

    Alliance but i can't vote, sadness