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Free Faction Change for Horde players are now live on website.
Please use following link to faction change your characters: https://atlantiss.eu/account/change_faction


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  1. Unryzen

    Looking for Hungarian players

    Hello, For now, I don't know of any hungarian guild either side.
  2. Big thanks for this!
  3. Unryzen

    Can't unzip client

    With TC, I had zero issues unpacking it. Please reply if you succeed.
  4. Unryzen

    Can't unzip client

    If you followed the link at the bottom of https://beta.atlantiss.eu/ to download TBC client, it's a file with .7z extension. I'd recommend using Total Commander to unpack it correctly.
  5. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    Maybe mess around with "Windowed" settings, make sure you use proper drivers, etc. If that doesn't help, then it's not a CPU issue.
  6. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    Hello! Try it with value: 4294967295 .
  7. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    Glad it helped.
  8. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    Did you try with value 4294967295 also?
  9. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    Hello! I've updated the values for different core CPUs (simplified them). Please update your config.wtf accordingly and check it again. (BTW, for 12 cores you can try value 4294967295 . In theory it tries to use 32 cores, but if you only have 12 it uses those.) I'll await you response, mate.
  10. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    You're welcome, bud!
  11. Unryzen

    Post your Pets [A Pet Post Thread]

    She is my cat, Kyra. She loves sleeping on every forniture. And this is the first time I gave her a sock filled with catnip.
  12. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    @Nicemann It can be Windows Update related or some update/performance fix to your antivirus software etc. It could be hard to bactrack what caused it. Let's just be happy because now you have a consistent high FPS.
  13. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    SET processAffinityMask "63" - This one is for 6 core with no virtual. I also updated the original post.
  14. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    No, set it once and enjoy.
  15. Unryzen

    Poor Performance Fix

    This is a Quad Core CPU with no virtual, so you should use SET processAffinityMask "15". If you experience any issues with this setting, you should switch to SET processAffinityMask "0".