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  1. You're obviously a troll. Replying a responce to you would be a waste of my time. The fact you think every bug I listed as "wrong" is a true testament to your character. You can't contemplate what a bug is, and instead go of the road about how to fixs these issues as a "I'm right" "you're wrong" stance. Truely mind boggling.
  2. Nice way to start the replies with insults "you are mechanically broken" you're really taking the high ground. 1) we're playing with 2.4.3 spells, abilites, class mechanics and "news flash" so should pets. It can't be one rule for everyone and not for one class sorry mate but your logic is biast and broken here. 2) Yes it does. You're lying, and are being incredibly manipulative and unreasonable in this responce. Pressing escape is not a fix but a work around, but doesnt fix the core bug. 3) Gummies and Warmane they moved with the correct multiplier values, when speed effects were in places with the pet specific abilites such as, "Dash" and "Dive" which is a 80% movement speed multiplier. 4) KC is a hunter spell that "REQUIRES" your pet to be in melee range. Did you do your research? (Clearly you didn't and instead this whole post is a white knight hit piece). 5) Haha yeah this is clearly a white knight reply stop shilling. 6) Yes this always happens when you ress your pet, in and out of combat you are to click "follow" again. If you have nothing constructive and are hell bent on lying in your reply, please do everyone a favour and jog on. TLDR; The guy replying is shilling and lying for attention. PS; If you want to go far in life don't become a boot licker.
  3. Hunter bugs Pets dont attack rear of boss's (big dps loss) and cleave effects kill them (Nightbane this happens all the time). Switching targets causes range weapon to bug out dealing 0 dmg and being stuck in a reload loop. Pet when called back returns at slower speed when dash / Dive is activated. Kill command can be activated when pet is not in melee range. Pet returns to the hunter after each kill when on defensive mode, rather then move onto the next target in combat with. When a pet gets ressed its stuck on the spot unless its told to follow again when it's already set on follow. These have been prevalent bugs since the Beta, and I would have really hoped by now that they would have been addressed. I honestly can't see any of the breaking issues that effect hunters to ever be addressed seeing that 2.3 is next month and sunwell after that. With DPS requirements being so high for Sunwell and the extra attention that is required to play BM (on this server) with pets that have less mobility (Broken movement speed buff) to get out of AoE effects will cause a lot of players to lose their patience with this server. Please address the Hunters issues stated above. Some are more important than others, but all together make the class borderline broken on this server. I have reported these issues on the bug tracker months ago.
  4. I agree that this is kinda sketchy and is probably something that shouldn't be allowed. This would only add to more people trying to scam and wasting GM time if it became more popular.
  5. Draenai priest SoH is really powerful, its basicly a free mana pot for the whole raid every 5 mins. Human Priests get the 10% extra spirit and the free big heal. Dwarfs get only the free big heal. Nelfs get star shards which is ment to be good for Shadow priests. I personally pref Draenai priest's that can give all that extra mana to the group personally. Symbol of Hope (Draenei): regenerates mana for 15 seconds for the Priest's entire party on a 5-minute cooldown. (Symbol of Hope is considered a Discipline ability and is thus castable in Shadowform.) For Hunters the only real choice for alliance is either Draenai for the 1% hit Dwarf for the 1% gun crit (best in slot weapons for BM are guns) Nelfs give nothing to increase their dps over the other 2 races. Warriors Humans weapon skill = more threat Dwarf 10% Armor buff can be nice when paired with Stoneshield potion as another saver of sorts. Also this removes nasty bleed effects on fights like Moroes and Bear boss in ZA making the fight really easy. I think theres a boss or 2 in tier 6 content that does bleed effects also. So not a bad choice of tank in all fairness. Nelf gets 2% extra dodge Gnome gets escape artist if you are CC'd You can't rely on having Draenai in your raid as you switch people in and out, people can't make every raid. You have to make yourself hit capped in this case.
  6. I think they were disabled when the server was having constant roll backs so people could maybe get more loot? Now thats gone they should get to work fixing them back into the game.
  7. basardius

    Hunter guide

    I would have to disagree, for BM hunters Dwarf is a great choice due to the 1% crit for guns, as the BiS weapons are generally guns.