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  1. Wolfenstein

    Arena Season 1 and PvP Adjustments

    Update 12.02.2019 - Added a point informing of arena draws - Adjusted wintrading punishment rule
  2. Wolfenstein

    Can there be paid race change option?

    The faction transfers we're preparing will obviously have a module that changes your race, so we will be able to use that to offer an option to change just your race or customize your character later on.
  3. Wolfenstein

    Arena announcement discussion

    Unfortunately x1 realms aren't exactly the most active when it comes to PvP, so changes are necessary to ensure that there's more people playing and incentives like this are one of the tools to encourage them to do so. As I wrote in the post, we will see how it goes and adjust numbers if needed (could do something like 10 played/30 ap later down the line).
  4. Wolfenstein

    Arena Season 1 and PvP Adjustments

    As we've reached the required number of teams, arena season one will begin on Wednesday, 13th. To entice more players to participate, we're planning the following incentives and adjustments: - S1 Arena gear will not require any rating, apart from weapons that are going to remain in the 2050 bracket - Arena Flush will be performed on Monday morning - Arena matches will end in a draw with no rating change after 45 minutes - Arena Queue system will function based on hidden matchmaker rating. MMR of individual players will not reset when switching teams. - Team and Personal rating above 2000 will decay by 50 every week if the team or a player have not met the criteria of weekly games played to receive Arena Points. NOTE: In terms of personal rating only the players that did not meet the criteria will be affected. If the entire team has not played the required number of games, all players above 2000 rating will have their personal rating reduced. - Only players with their personal rating within 150 of the team rating will be eligible to receive rewards at the end of the season. - Playing 15 daily arena games will award 50 Arena Points. Additionally, every consecutive arena match played will award 2 AP for winning and 1 AP for losing - 5v5 matches will not count towards daily rewards and will grant fewer arena points during weekly flush. Gladiator titles will also not be achievable through this bracket. - Similarly, winning 10 battlegrounds in one day will award an additional 1000 honor points. Every consecutive win after that will also grant a bonus of 75 honor (25 honor points for a loss) The requirements and percentages for end of season arena rewards will be announced at a later date, most likely mid-season. Rules and punishments: - Players found to be fixing/wintrading arenas will lose the gear they acquired, have their rating and arena points reset and will also have their accounts banned for a period of time depeneding on the severity of their violation. Furthermore, they will not be eligible for any rewards at the end of that season regardless of the rating they achieve with any teams they create/join after that. They will be able to participate normally again in the next season. Further wintrading after the initial punishment will result in either an increased account lock time or a permanent ban. - Any other attempts at abusing any of the PvP systems to gain unfair advantages will result in punishments according to the severity of the violation. We believe that the proposed changes are necessary to ensure a healthier PvP ecosystem in an environment with a smaller pool of players compared to official realms and we hope to encourage more players to participate in PvP activities. We will be closely monitoring the situation once the changes go live and will adjust them (especially numbers) if needed.
  5. Wolfenstein


    We're aware of the issue, it's most likely caused by one of the experimental changes we added. We will be iterating on it in the next couple of days and make sure it gets resolved.
  6. Wolfenstein

    GMs Taking Bribes to Unban Accounts (PROOF)

    Since you're unable to provide any substantial proof (shocking) there's nothing left to discuss. Goodbye.
  7. Wolfenstein

    GMs Taking Bribes to Unban Accounts (PROOF)

    All I see is a fake conversation between two random people. You've been trying to bribe random members of the team for a while now. I don't know why exactly you haven't been banned yet, but since I treat such accusations seriously (even though this one is probably the least believable fake I've ever seen) I will give you 2h to post some actual proof of your claim before you're banned on every possible Netherwing medium.
  8. Wolfenstein

    Please announce whats going on with faction queue

    It's being tested right now, it will most likely be added (enabled) tomorrow.
  9. Wolfenstein

    Call of Fire

    Write an in-game ticket.
  10. Wolfenstein

    See ya in a month or so

  11. Wolfenstein

    Encouraging arena health without being invasive

    I will most likely reduce 5s AP reward to the 2s level but don't treat it as final.
  12. Wolfenstein

    Forum for each country

    We did it on our Cata forum and it was just taking up too much space. The realm is International and requires users to communicate in English and we want to encourage that. I'm sure there are other places to discuss country-specific things.
  13. Wolfenstein

    Implement faction queue as fast as possible

    Faction Queue will not be there for launch as it will only cause technical issues and be easily exploited (e.g. by making a lvl 1 alliance character). The queue will most likely only take characters above certain level threshold into account (level 20 for example).
  14. Wolfenstein

    Leveling Adjustments

    Dear Netherwing Community, As we said in our survey summary, we intended to adjust a few things to make the vanilla leveling a bit less tedious. We discussed all of the possible options and decided to make the following changes: - Rested Experience cap will now be twice as large as normal. This means you can accumulate a lot more of it. - Rested Experience will now generate twice as fast. - Quest items dropped by creatures in Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms will now be considered "party loot". This means each party member will be able to loot those items from the same monster. Rested experience changes will only apply to levels 1-57. We hope that these adjustments will encourage players to group up and make friends, as well as help those who don't have as much time to play get to Outland a little bit faster while not affecting the game drastically at the same time.
  15. It amazes me that in 2018 the private server scene is so far gone people demand an explanation for following the original game's rules. Next thing you know we'll have to explain why you can't buy Warglaives, T6, bags or straight up instant 70 in the shop for real cash. People always make fun of what a casualized mess retail has become but then proceed to ask for changes to the systems and mechanics they dislike, because "it doesn't hurt anyone", which mirrors the same mentality people adopted on retail before the game went to shit.