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  1. Wolfenstein

    x2 exp rates

    Yes, there will be an option to turn it off.
  2. Wolfenstein

    Unban appeals unread

    Accounts banned for "Cheating" have been flagged by using forbidden 3rd party programs/modifications (hacks, bots, etc.). Those bans are never issued by mistake and appealing them is pointless (will not even be considered unless the account was hacked at the time).
  3. Wolfenstein

    Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

    Thank you, this means a lot to us!
  4. Wolfenstein

    End of Arena Season 1

    Full list of Arena Titles is available in the files attached. Players who received a Gladiator title should message Wolfenstein on discord to receive their mount and riding. arena_titles_3v3.xlsx arena_titles_2v2.xlsx
  5. Wolfenstein

    Why am I perm banned?

    It has nothing to do with any other player. Stop using client modifications/cheats/bots.
  6. Wolfenstein

    Banned? but not banned?

    There's been no mistake. Any account with cheats/hacks/bots/client modifications will be banned regardless of who was currently playing on it.
  7. Wolfenstein

    Are you seriously?

    We do. That's why you were banned. Goodbye.
  8. Wolfenstein

    Are you seriously?

  9. Wolfenstein

    Just got Banned, is it Permanent?

    That was a mistake, you should be unbanned now and the issue will be resolved after next restart. Sorry!
  10. Wolfenstein

    Keeping this running

  11. Wolfenstein

    End of Arena Season 1

    Dear Community, It's finally time to wrap up the current Arena Season. Season 1 will officially end on 20th of May, 2019. Arena Season 2 will begin a week later, on 27th of May. Title rewards will follow slightly altered retail distribution with predetermined number of Gladiator titles: Gladiator - Top 5 2v2 and Top 3 3v3 teams Duelist - Top 3% of Arena Teams. Rival - 3%-10% of Arena Teams. Challenger - 10%-20% of Arena Teams. - In addition to the Gladiator title, eligible players will also receive Swift Nether Drake mount and Artisan Riding. - Arena titles last until the end of the following season, at which time they are removed and redistributed to that season's top teams. - As stated at the beginning of the season, 5v5 bracket will not award Gladiator titles. Due to a small number of teams participating, other titles will not be given either. To be eligible for the rewards, following requirements must be met: - Banned players are disqualified from getting any rewards; - Difference between team and personal rating cannot be bigger than 150; - Players must have played at least 30% of total team games throughout the season; - At least 1 player (2 for 3v3) in the team must meet previous requirements, otherwise the team is skipped. It is not possible for players to receive rewards from multiple brackets. Only the higher one will be given. Additional information regarding Season 2: - Arena Points will be reset; - Personal/Team Ratings will be reset; - Battleground Marks of Honor will NOT be removed; - Players will be able to save up to 35000 Honor Points. Players with more than 35000 will have their Honor Points reduced to that amount. Last arena point flush will happen on 20th. Arena Points and Honor Points will be reset a week later, when Season 2 begins. Only skirmish arenas will be available during the break between the seasons.
  12. Wolfenstein

    Reduce Outland minimum from 55 to 50

    I'll reduce it to 50.
  13. Wolfenstein

    Permabanned on Discord

  14. Wolfenstein


  15. Wolfenstein