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  1. Some achievement progress (such as the number of completed quests) will be awarded automatically after the transition.
  2. As usual, at the start of the next season there will be a PvP resource "cleanup". Here are the details: - All Marks of Honor will be removed; - All Arena Teams will be removed; - Players will be able to keep up to 20% of maximum Arena Points (1000); - Players will be able to keep up to 20% of maximum Honor Points (15000);
  3. The Arena Tournament will determine the distribution of Gladiator titles for Season 2. It will be held around early September and will include top 16 teams based on their rating (2v2 and 3v3). Below is a list of rules and information about the tournament: - The Arena Tournament will be held on a separate tournament realm. - Gear and consumables will be obtained through our prepared vendors. (PVP gear + soft PVE from the current Season/Tier) - Top 16 teams from each bracket (2v2 & 3v3) will be qualified to enter this realm, create characters and play against each other. - Before we determine which team has qualified, a wintrade check will be made together with crossing out teams that do not meet the following requirements: o Banned players are disqualified from getting any rewards. o Players who were punished for fixing games, wintrading or any other arena-related offenses will be disqualified from getting any rewards. o In order to qualify to the tournament and be eligible to obtain out-of-tournament rewards, the difference between team and personal rating cannot be bigger than 150. o Players must have played at least 30 % of total team games throughout the season. o At least 1 player (2 for 3v3 bracket) in the team must meet the previous requirements, otherwise the team is disqualified. - The qualified teams will be determined at the end of the Season 2 (around late August). - The tournament will follow a typical knockout format with a loser bracket. Each team will be seeded based on its position in the ranking. Matchups will follow the „best of 3“ format. Phase 3 matches (finals) will be „best of 5“. - The Qualified teams are obligated to play on the same account they qualified with on the main Netherwing realm. - During the tournament, there will still be weekly AP flushes on the Netherwing realm until the tournament is over and the start of Season 3 is determined but the rating change will no longer have any impact on Title & rewards distribution. - Tournament will be distinguished into several phases. - Each phase will have its predetermined deadline. - If teams fail to meet up and play against each other before the deadline, the Netherwing Staff will give them a specific time and date to play. If one of the teams does not show up, it will be eliminated. If neither team can play, a coin toss will determine the winner. - The rewards (titles, mounts etc.) will be distributed based on the tournament results. In case there are more teams applying for the same rank, their position will be decided based on the rating they had at the end of Season 2 on the main Netherwing realm. Lower tier rewards (e.g. Challenger title) will be distributed similarly as Season 1 – based on the rank in a given percentual range. - It will not be possible to switch talent spec during the tournament. You will be obligated to play with a spec you qualified with from the main Netherwing realm. Failing to do so will result in an immediate disqualification of the team. - There will be only one Merciless Gladiator this season – the winner of each bracket in the tournament. - Phase 3 of the tournament will be live streamed & commentated. (this can change due to unpredictable circumstances) - Phase 1 and 2 will be played „offline“. It is up to people whether they queue against each other or not. Winners will be determined by our arena logs at the end of each Phase. - It is recommended to have at least one person from either team to record each match to ensure any disputes can be settled easier with video verification. - By qualifying to the Phase 3 (finals), you agree to be online and ready to play at a given date & time which will be determined later. The time will be discussed and determined together with the qualified teams in order to satisfy everyone. Failing to attend will result in the team being disqualified and will be given the rank at which the team ended in the previous Phase. - Titles that were distributed during Season 1 will be deleted prior to distribution of Season 2 rewards. - Rewards for each bracket (2v2 & 3v3): o 1st place: Merciless Gladiator title + Merciless Nether Drake + Artisan riding + Big Battle Bear + 50 Atlantiss coins. o 2-6th place: Gladiator title + Merciless Nether Drake + Big Battle Bear + Artisan riding + 20 Atlantiss coins. o Top 3% of Arena Teams: Duelist title. o Top 3-10% of Arena Teams: Rival title. o Top 10-20% of Arena Teams: Challenger title.
  4. There was no delay with the patch and Game Masters have nothing to do with deployment. What Daystar meant is instead of helping players with whatever issues arose after the patch was applied, they had to devote time to resolve this situation.
  5. Daystar IS part of Netherwing Staff. What he wrote is the official statement I support. We received more than enough complaints to justify taking action (far exceeding typical, easily offended people). I'd suggest avoiding comments like these, as they don't really help your case and only make me even more convinced it was a good decision.
  6. Yes, there will be an option to turn it off.
  7. Accounts banned for "Cheating" have been flagged by using forbidden 3rd party programs/modifications (hacks, bots, etc.). Those bans are never issued by mistake and appealing them is pointless (will not even be considered unless the account was hacked at the time).
  8. Full list of Arena Titles is available in the files attached. Players who received a Gladiator title should message Wolfenstein on discord to receive their mount and riding. arena_titles_3v3.xlsx arena_titles_2v2.xlsx
  9. It has nothing to do with any other player. Stop using client modifications/cheats/bots.
  10. There's been no mistake. Any account with cheats/hacks/bots/client modifications will be banned regardless of who was currently playing on it.
  11. We do. That's why you were banned. Goodbye.