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  1. It's been asked a bunch on discord and answered by the devs
  2. Won't be there at launch but coming sometime after.
  3. Kel

    Make a Sub-Reddit

    Don't really need a Reddit when theres a forum which serves the same purpose
  4. Kel

    Download patch

    Afaik you can use any tbc client for this server, but wolf said there will be a link to a download before beta anyway, incase you're worried.
  5. Kel

    Rogue PVE Guide

    Spec links arnt working for me, and I dont really wanna go to the trouble of clicking a bunch of links and downloading a file to get a gear spreadsheet, so I made it easier Specs complied popular specs into one album, afaik people go hemo in kara to buff up other melees then full swords dps. Guide + gear this has got 2.4.3 gear bis for all of TBC. Pre 2.1 pre raid bis and Pre 2.1 T4 bis are the gear lists I have for pre 2.1, they're not perfect and could use some work but its a good start.
  6. Kel

    Warlock full TBC guide

    Yeah the bis list isn't 100% accurate atm but it's a good start, hoping to update it in the near future.
  7. Hi friends, I've sourced a guide for warlocks (gear is post 2.4.3 but has good shit for leveling and gives you a general idea) as well as gear lists for warlocks (and every other class) so instead of wasting time Googling we can use the glorious NW forums. Super handy warlock guide Pre 2.1 BiS list (Pre-Raid) Pre 2.1 BiS list (T4) Feel free to ask any questions, comments, etc. Enjoy!