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  1. So basically, you dont need to spec into prot pre 40. If youre doing good, you can still tank kinda. At level 40, respec into Prot. In my opinion youll level really fast from then. You can pull many mobs together, put on a Seal of Wisdom / Seal of Light, depending on what you need and you'll be way faster than ret in soloing + you can do dungeons extremely good!
  2. Well, I've got no problems so far.
  3. You can see all your Talent trees in one window, you get a talent calculator, etc.
  4. You honestly should do something about the goldsellers and botters first before you turn on the faction queue.
  5. I can't find a working version of the Addon Talented. Do you know something ?
  6. Theres a problem with Faction queue: Queue for Horde --> Horde doesn't want to wait so long to enter the game --> Horde switches to Alliance or quits --> Either way Alliance pop is increased --> Queue for Alliance at some point -->Alliance doesn't want to wait so long to enter the game --> You all know what I'm trying to say here Slowly but surely the server dies.
  7. So I just wanted to try out this poll feature.
  8. We just don't like the "normal" stuff like Humans, Dwarves, NEs, etc.
  9. I'm feeling the same. I haven't found a single herb in the Barrens yet. (Im questing there for 2 levels already)
  10. Faction queue has a huge problem: Horde can't login --> Horde either switches to Alliance or quits --> Faction queue for Allliance (imagine that!) --> Alliance either switches to Horde or quits --> Faction queue for Horde -->...-->...-->... You see my point? All in all Faction queue makes people quit. And I'm sure none wants that.