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Free Faction Change for Horde players are now live on website.
Please use following link to faction change your characters: https://atlantiss.eu/account/change_faction


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  1. Teknoluv

    Slipperypete - The Hero

    edited for removal
  2. Teknoluv

    ETA on Netherwing Faction Change?

    You the best
  3. Teknoluv

    ETA on Netherwing Faction Change?

    Don't "probably". Announce it on the website as well, some of us run VPN's, which discord bans us for and being in the dark due to a little extra security is garbage.
  4. Teknoluv

    Ready your weapons - WPVP related guild.

    Oh, you mean more idiotic level 70's running around lowbie zones griefing grey levels because "HuR dUr ItS a PvP sErVeR gEt UsEd To It", unless you actually organize some world pvp events between the factions, you're just adding to the "they did it to us now we do it to them" mentality.
  5. Teknoluv

    why did I roll alliance?

    I'll take a free faction change! Do my part to balance it, horde is boring af to level.
  6. Teknoluv

    What Really Grinds My Gears :@

    haha, complaining about complainers