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  1. carez2

    Warlock full TBC guide

    Sure you did buddy. How to spot trash warlock? Thinks Anchorite robes are better than Shadoweave.
  2. this didnt fix anything and seems more like a folk tale. got i7-8700K and 1070 and game drops to 30-40 FPS in populated areas like orgrimar or kara ball room. anyone know of any additional fixes to try?
  3. yeah there should also be LFD tool because its too annoying to /w people and my guild cannot manage 25 people so I would like 10 man black temple please
  4. dual spec is cancer and should never be a thing reduced respec costs would be fine. it would have almost no impact on game and all the little impact there is, is positive
  5. Well I for one am quite glad there are less people like this then. Toxicity wise doing 70 content has been a pleasure so far compared to p2wmane
  6. Your whining is not justified and I love that entitlement and demanding fix when you have no clue. SO OUTRAGED LMAO https://www.wowhead.com/quest=8277/deadly-desert-venom Check comments Same about other quests with bad drop rates It is TBC
  7. Actually, for now at least, you don't use any macro at all and just spam steady shot and arcane/multi on cd if want to be fancy. https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/4791 Once that is fixed, then use macro
  8. Think longer. 6 months, year from now, it is going to be a good thing. Once you are done with farming and progress and only raid log, incentive to play some arenas is going to feel like a blessing.
  9. Both, for forums and banlist, especially if you unban people later on. If you want to publicize account names show only first few characters and mask the rest. If server is popular, it attracts people who make $$$ by hacking accounts (across multiple pservers even) and selling gold so it is in best interest for everyone if you would not make it easier for them. Thank you.
  10. carez2

    Hunter guide

    1:1 #showtooltip Steady Shot /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide() /castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, !Auto Shot /cast [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()
  11. carez2

    Double WF vs WF/FT

    That does not really answer if you took in account bugs when testing, if there were any at the time of testing, and whether those bugs are still active or fixed..
  12. carez2

    Double WF vs WF/FT

    Did you check all the open shaman bugs while testing? As far as I know there were at least 2 bugs some time ago. One was that WF only did one attack instead of two, and other that FT sometimes did multiple hits instead of one, and there is at least one bug still there - WF OH does not proc special effects. All these would indicate that it is way more likely that FT was/is/could be better because of bugs.
  13. carez2

    Double WF vs WF/FT

    There are many factors when comparing both. Speed of MH/OH. Boss resist. OH DPS after all buffs. Boss debuffs/armor. Many other factors too. The better and slower your offhand, and the better your gear, buffs, etc, the more damage WF on OH will do. And for example, really slow OH does not even influence MH WF procs that much and that difference might be easily offset by OH WF dps increase over FT, while fast OH completely fucks over MH WF procs and in such scenario FT is clearly better. So it should be possible to do some math and determine at which point exactly, with which weapons and in which scenarios one should use FT and in which WF. Random tests are really unreliable. If I had to guess I'd agree that with shit gear FT is better but with good itemization and in optimized raid group, WF pulls ahead.
  14. same shit. animations are as if they were moving with 60-100% bonus speed (mounted) yet they actually move at normal speed, looks hilarious. maybe it happens if you see someone dismounting in some way? idk
  15. trollish or not, its the truth since you are not a hardcore guild and have not listed any real accomplishments, biased and incompetent loot council is one of the biggest risks anyone joining you might encounter