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  1. Dude, seriously? I've been waiting for days for an answer with the "closed account" thread, there is not one single GM to even give a suggestion, and few hours later, "pointy red hat" issue is addressed.
  2. Is there no one here to help me with this issue?
  3. pantsless

    Closed Account

    Hello, So I haven't been playing for a while now, but when I tried to log in to my account (Pantsless), it says account is closed. Either I'm doing something wrong, or it was really closed, I have no idea why. Also, I can log in with the same user name within the website, and it shows me I do have my character, Rearbottoms. PS: The drop in population is heartbreaking. I used to see 3-5k ppl online. Thank you.
  4. Ok, let me give you a realistic overview. So make sure your expectations are as low as you can think of. Lately, Wow is about frustrated pieces of shit. I've played for years on private servers, and it's getting worse and worse. As I've seen it, people here (dragonwrath, at least) were as bad as it got. Everyone's a smartass, everyone's "pro", everyone's frustrated and everyone is ganking low level, low health players. The competition wasn't fun, people do not seem to be interested in happy fun, or in having character. Talking about human character as a trait, not in-game "characters". I remember leveling to 80, making sure i have SOME decent gear with resilience, full epic, etc., but of course, much lower geared than most of the players which were full legendary and shit. I'm not a new player, I've played wow for many years, but yes, haven't played cataclysm, and I was new to the class I was playing. Of course, using keybinds, addons, macros and everything. I'll make it a short story for you and skip the details, I found an arena mate, to which I explained thoroughly the current state I was in: I've been made a retard, stupid, idiot, sworn against, insulted my mother, he was going bezerk because we didn't win (new team, like 4 games total). He was furious I didn't know the range of a rogue's sap, and that I'm a moron, and I'm a loser. I could go on. This guy was nuts. And so were most others, even though, of course I didn't play anymore. Actually, I quit playing. Not because I'm not good enough, because I can be every bit as good and even better than those frustrated goons, but because I wasn't having fun. And because - why is this game only about being super-duper-mega-pro? Some people work, some people don't have time to play all day, some just wanna log in and relax in a parallel world, which should supposedly be a friendly one. Because - if it isn't - no thanks, I'll stick to real world, so far it's been plenty good for me. Most people left still playing wow have issues. Only unhappy "pros" wandering around, hoping to make other people at least 10% as miserable as they are. PS: max levels from goldshire just duel you so they can mindcontrol and exploit a bug where they make you fall off the map. PS2: Guilds are mostly shit. Everyone's a dick. No connection whatsoever with anyone. So then yes, enjoy Wow in it's current state! Unless you're up for this (why would you?!) I suggest either losing interest, or playing with people you know. Finding friends here - hah, good luck! I'm blunt and honest. I don't care. Think whatever, do whatever.