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  1. whamio

    Tanking Heroics as Arms Warrior?

    For me...In life every question has 3 possible answers...There is what other people think is the answer, what YOU think is the answer & what is the actual absolute answer that only God will probably truly know Regarding your news, it is a shame but I'm not suprised really...the Good news for you though is...5 more levels to go! Personally i think you can only pull it off properly is if you have a group of people that you usually dungeon group with...most likely going to end up being your guildmates. I've got a plan to go my own talent spec upto 70...somewhat similiar to what you are on about...Lets see how that goes... Dont forget to have fun gaming...people take that for granted these days!
  2. Awesome work! will try it out when i get off work!
  3. whamio

    Tanking Heroics as Arms Warrior?

    In regards to your question i believe if you go into dungeons prepared like a good adventurer should, proper food buffs,sharpening stones for your weapon,shield spike for your shield, HP pots relevant to your level, potion buffs and gear that is at relevant to your actual level then i believe you can tank your way to 70. Personally though i think Fury talents has better synergy with offtanking. I believe that the people telling you that it might not go so well in outlands is due to outland greens being better than everything you have got from vanilla content so in theory if you can gear up with outland greens BEFORE you go there from the auction house i think you'll do just fine even as fury spec as long as the gear is good.
  4. whamio

    I keep getting position in queue window

    As @Macumbafeh says, the issue is that there are less alliance than horde so the queue comes into effect. It is 7 mins though according to your screenshot, Do stretches! listen to music, literally like 2-3 songs then you'll be in. Or if you dislike waiting in queue there is always the option of faction changing to Alliance to avoid the queue entirely.
  5. whamio

    Can't sap a target with Dominos addon.

    Just to be sure...you are not trying to sap targets that are in combat right? As far as i know they cannot be sapped if in combat.
  6. Vanay is pretty much spot on as much as i can tell but i'm not maxed level so My opinion might not be accurate but i will say this...Stranglethorn Vietnam is real
  7. whamio

    Show your UI!

    Finish Him! Maaaan i need to get this one! Just noticed that the Him...is actually a Her! Awesome looking UI guys, consider me inspired!
  8. whamio

    Deeprun Rat Roundup

    Wut? Elaborate more please! Do they not spawn? Has some weirdo lured all of them again?
  9. When you say 10 people..you mean...5 horde and 5 Alliance right?
  10. whamio

    Any casual/leveling guilds around?

    Better late than never...sadly i have not logged on for a while...I'm more like the forum ghost then a player at the moment!
  11. whamio

    Mage broken class or just overpowered?

    They have been overpowered for ages...Concerned Stranger! I know this first hand from pvping in battlegrounds from TBC up until Cataclysm...mostly as a warrior...Them mages..hurt.
  12. whamio

    Weapon damage bug

    Heylo! Fellow dwarf! it is not a bug. The reason for the lesser weapon doing more damage is weapon speed. The formula to calculate damage done favours slower weapon speed.
  13. whamio

    Drakefist Hammer Dual Wield not possible?

    https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/3039 I found this in the bug tracker showing that what you are talking about has already been mentioned. It seems to be that you might need to empty your cache, then it will update to show you that this weapon is "Main hand only" until the server goes to patch 2.4 then it will be changed to "One hand" i believe if i read that bug report correctly. So in summary, for this patch it is Main Hand, later on it will become One hand. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Drakefist_Hammer
  14. whamio

    Drakefist Hammer Dual Wield not possible?

    You should be able to...Are you sure that your bags are not full by any chance? if not then sounds like a bug to me.
  15. whamio

    World Chat broken

    Heylo! Do you still have this issue? I did sometimes get this issue but that usually happened when I fiddled with /world by leaving the channel when people got too toxic. Have you tried leaving the channel..then logging out of your character, come back in then type /reload & if it reloads(dont recall if it works for TBC, i'm recalling from memory & I'm at work so I cannot check the validity of what i'm suggesting right now)THEN try to rejoin world chat?