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  1. whamio

    Quick question

    Oh! I think you are talking about the privileges of being a beta tester back then when atlantiss was testing out the server before it opened to the public. If I understood it right..those that contributed with beta testing by leveling,questing chars to 70 got rewarded apparently name reservation was one of the benefits. Good luck leveling! Here's to hoping your name is not taken!
  2. whamio

    Quick question

    Hello & welcome back? The transfer that I believe you are referring to is from dragonwrath to tauri if I not mistaken..a MoP server I'm unaware of any from dragonwrath to netherwing
  3. whamio

    rant? idk

    Stiegerc is absolutely right but don't quit! Psimmis this is part of the game! I have been playing & leveling characters on wow since my college days which was more than 10 years ago from vanilla,tbc,wotlk up to cata...all those characters I cannot even count how many times I have been ganked while leveling by higher level players. Thanks to those experiences I gradually became a competent pvper alongside my then pve goals. Nowadays when I get ganked by a much higher level player..i add his\her name to my ignore list which I use as a hit list of people to hunt down when I get to 70 or if I catch upto their level! ... Don't let it get you down,adapt & evolve! You never know..maybe that guy who ganked you was killed while leveling too by a higher level player and is doing the same thing. Just don't kill lower level players to vent out your frustration. Be the change you want to see. Good luck & hope you continue to have fun despite pricks trying to get you down.
  4. whamio

    Ideas of farming gold at level 30

    That is interesting info
  5. whamio

    Pattern: Wicked Leather Gauntlets

    Hey Senjou! I would advise you to try around 4:00am-6:00am server time. The idea behind this is for a point where there are less people than normal online...I have a sneaking suspicion that most of those people who sell are gold sellers? Who knows good luck!
  6. whamio

    The best heal class

    Hello & Welcome Asb! Nice to meet you! There are 4 healers you can be(Priest,Paladin,Shaman,Druid) From these 4 I believe that priest is probably the best all round dedicated healer. Paladin I believe is the best main tank healer for their strong single target heal .Druid\Shaman healers are great support healers for the rest of the group...especially Shamans with their utilities (Self Res,Bloodlust,Mana totem,etc) & Druids with their HoTs + Battle Res. This is just my opinion which is based on what I have experienced from raiding all those years ago so it might not be exactly as I remember it! ...good luck healing. I would check out guides online if I were you so you will at least have an idea what is what
  7. whamio

    I'd like to introduce myself!

    Haha I know what you mean...I'm leveling as arms while also skilling my professions at the same time..which is why I'm still level 10..anyway good luck, don't think you will have too much world pvp trouble as a rogue
  8. whamio

    I'd like to introduce myself!

    Welcome Eryk! it's great to meet you! Hope you have fun See you in game! May the fun force be with you p.s What is the spec you are going with if you don't mind me asking?
  9. whamio

    TBC 2.4.3 Addons

    Am I the only one who still generally plays with no addons? Right now all I have is that scrolling text addon & playing tbc has been great! Only issue I've seen is that mobs hp is displayed in % even if the option is not chosen in options
  10. whamio

    Infused Nightseye

    Hi! If I remember correctly..that is a recipe that is a world drop not learned from the jc trainers so you would probably need a jc who managed to get that along with 300+ skill in jc, making it a very rare combo...in time it will probably show up in AH? Just a matter of time
  11. whamio

    Starting alliance.

    Here you go! Should be a few weeks old info Enjoy and happy to have you with us..even though..I'm still level 6
  12. whamio

    New to the Server

    Welcome to the fight! Aremdor the dranei shaman!
  13. whamio

    More than one Account Online?

    I think that is ok. I used to play with about 3-4 housemates over 15 years ago on retail & private servers with 1 isp & multiple pcs over a lan network (good times!) I believe the issue is playing multiple accounts on one pc...multi boxing? No idea how that actually works but in my experience that is what gets you banned.
  14. whamio

    More than one Account Online?

    You mean two computers using the same isp to connect?
  15. whamio

    Horde population needs to be fixed now

    Dammit! Real life is preventing me from enjoying this chaos! More horde than alliance ? Yes! Stv here I come...still level..6 though..lol working on my professions at a leisurely pace.