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  1. whamio

    <Nethergarde> AU/NZ GMT+10 - GMT+13

    You mean to tell me...there are guilds which do not take horde transfers?
  2. whamio

    Any casual/leveling guilds around?

    welcome! NA or EU?
  3. whamio

    New Player

    Great! so your journey with the demons begins...Good luck! if you ever need blacksmithing or engineering help on the alliance side look for the dwarf called Whamio
  4. whamio

    No email access

    Necro! I actually want to be able to change the email associated with my account. Is this going to be possible? Not really an issue at the moment but it would be a nice option to have!
  5. whamio

    Marks of Honor Requirements for PvP Gear.

    So based on this thread..i take it, no low level battlegrounds? THE SHAME!
  6. whamio

    New Player

    As much as i would like you to roll gnome(since they are usually the least played race after dwarves) i have to admit that you should probably play human for the diplomacy trait( if time is an issue for you)..that makes it that you have to grind less than other races to get your rep with factions. I personally think this is better for pve than 5% int which roughly would equate to..hm 0.5% spell crit or 500 more mana than everyone else at 70? Maybe the 5% int is better for you along with the escape artist racial? it is your choice in the end! Gnomes are usually harder to notice while leveling though(less likely to be ganked! you can literally hide in a bush) & have some of the funniest lines in game!
  7. whamio

    New Player

    Heylo! i meant to reply to you yesterday but work got in the way! First of all welcome back to tbc (with a netherwing twist!) Pros & cons you say? ok i'll try to break it down according to my own personal opinion. Horde has much better racial synergy with most classes(orc with warlock for example)than alliance does which probably explains why there are more horde than alliance players generally. The con of playing horde is that there is a faction queue at place so if you have limited time to play then horde is probably not for you. Pick Alliance if you dont really care about racials,are hardcore,a balance guardian,have friends on alliance or you want to avoid the issue of queuing to login to play WoW. I noticed you picked both dps specs mage & warlock; if you can i would suggest warlock, they have too much utility that they bring to dungeons in a pve enviroment: 1)you can soulstone healers so that they can ressurect themselves in case of a wipe 2)you can offtank with your void walker 3)you have amazing crowd control potential yourself or with your demonic pets (succubus eg) 4)you can summon other people with your summoning ritual to wherever you are 5)you can give everyone water breathing in those pesky underwater zones. the con i believe is that..it might get a bit too complicated at times? for some people that is a bonus for others, it is just a stress mess! Mages is probably easier to play than warlocks...in my opinion that is
  8. whamio

    WoW Error #132

    Hi! Are you running windows 10? Did you update recently? Was wow working before & it stopped working or did it never work for you since you downloaded it?
  9. whamio

    What patch are we in ?

    Heylo! Welcome to netherwing! Yes as far as i know...the spells,talents & mechanics are 2.4.3 but items generally are 2.0.3. Last time i checked in stormwind, i saw what looked like S1 pvp gear. I could be wrong but that is what it seems to me.
  10. whamio

    Transfer to Netherwing

    Hello! I too played on dragonwrath. Now you either make a new character on netherwing or transfer your character to tauri. Those I believe are your options unless someone official can suggest an alternative option.
  11. whamio

    PvP warrior race

    Sorry for the late reply! Real world responsibilities had me busy! Let's see what i can try to help you with! In my personal experience, it helps with burst damage to reduce an opponent's Hp preferably who has less than 50% hp to make sure he dips low enough so that you can finish him off with Execute.Pairs nicely with Death wish + On Use Damage\AP trinket if you are rolling with one ( Make sure the opponent is slowed & with a mortal strike debuff before attempting to kill as well as that the opponent's partner cannot save him either by being cced or too far away to do anything about it). Depending on your spec & talents, Rage may or may not be a problem for you...either way use it wisely! save enough for a spell reflect(Reflect CCs whens you can!) though as i remember correctly with second wind usually proccing alot you should have a good amount of rage pooled up. The limit is your imagination on where you can use it & combine it with what skill. Heck i even remembered using AP racial along with Sweeping strikes + Retaliation against 2 melee to do more damage; i died but it was spectacular! Depends... on who the double dps are...warriors are stupidly weak to magic damage. If you manage to bring down a frost mage solo...i salute you to answer you question...most likely no since i would only use it to finish off a near death target but you never know! Er no, when i used it i was commited into making sure i'm taking my target with me though i can see where it would be useful to make a cancel macro if combined with shield wall perhaps. Technically no but this time around i think making some kind of shieldwall macro that cancels damaging auras like that AP racial & recklessness in order to be healed faster might be feasible. Looks like it is worth trying out :) (I'm not an orc in this server though!) I reckon this is personal opinion territory. It looks tempting on paper but i dont think you will notice it unless you truly focus on it. For me instead of stacking the stun resists i would rather take other talents instead of Iron will...but that is just my personal opinion. I reckon you should try it out and see if it works for you! Hamstring\Piercing Howl first when you can first, preferably right after you charge\intercept, They will kite you like there is no tomorrow if you dont! Good luck!
  12. whamio

    Slow Tanking Weapons and Devastate

    The damage dealing is what the dps is there for! Your focus as a tank is to build\maintain threat & survive all that the mobs can do to you by mitigating as much damage as possible.Fasizi is right, the faster you generate rage, the quicker you can build threat or mitigate incoming damage. There could be a situation where the slow weapon would be useful but generally speed is king.
  13. The last census I saw around a few days ago suggested that the least played class on alliance is a rogue! Personally I am of the opinion that you should Play what you want to play, the way to take out the fun in a game & get burnt out is to play a class which you do not realize you do not have 'fun' playing. Having said all that I believe the healer role is the most important at all levels so more resto shamans please!
  14. whamio

    Define to me what is a ninja

    I actually wish people did things on principle but the reality of the situation is just because something is the right thing to do, most people will usually do what they want. The negative aspect of freedom of choice i reckon. Your comments probably explain why there are ninjas in the first place! for the past 60+ levels no one really makes a fuss about it but suddenly at 70 it is absolutely wrong!
  15. whamio

    What are channel 6 and 7 used for...

    @Cambria2112 Maybe you stumbled on the Gold sellers secret channel,Illuminati,Aliens or the NPCs in Netherwing have developed the ability to communicate with each other through channels 6 & 7.