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  1. Viva la Battle Chicken! Don't let that poultry die! Seriously i need to make this...
  2. What class are you playing at the moment? Any class can beat them..you just need to know the counters to their moves...so a good starting point would be what class are you playing as?
  3. That brings back memories! That weapon is awesome! i'm still leveling at the moment but I'm trying to be the blacksmith that can craft this legendary weapon! Though i cannot see whether you are Horde or Alliance which would help the appropriate people to contact you.
  4. There was a way back then to transfer to some MoP server...but i did not do that since i'm not fan of MoP... What does it say when you try to log in?
  5. I hear and i obey! Time to flood the AH (Alliance AH & maybe Booty Bay AH) with those fish! You have awakened the fisherman in me! Stay tuned...
  6. Hello fellow warrior! Interesting question! It says that: A fully talented (3/3) Deep wounds will do 60% of your average weapon damage as a bleed every time you crit over 12 seconds. When you open your character sheet window, what do you see in the window? Do you see two different values in the damage section? eg: 50-100/40-90 or do you see only one value like only 50-100? personally though I would avoid fast weapons if i were you....great as a rogue but not so great as a warrior, you might generate rage faster...again personal opinion though!
  7. You will be ganked by high level enemy players no matter what side you play. So don't let that be the reason you pick horde or alliance. Many levels but now starting to see alot of 70s in towns. Can't speak for horde but I can tell you whatever zone I go to there is usually more horde leveling than alliance! Welcome & good luck!
  8. Interesting bug so that is what you were talking about? I had something similar in tanaris but for it me it worked out. some ?? horde player tried to gank me in town & i popped nearly ALL my defensive CDs then the guards killed him He came back to life twice and they killed him twice, third time they left him alone and the rest of the day he was just /spit at me It was a good day!
  9. Hi! Describe this bug please!
  10. Gustav is the next one you need that is the triage quest. Good luck fellow doctor!
  11. You guys ..there should be a dragonwrath guild if there isn't one already! I was an orc warrior called gorrdash almost full cataclysmic geared too but over here I'm alliance now for the first time since I started playing wow. I did meet one other player from dragonwrath but he was alliance. Well you will most likely get a guild easily just pick between hard or casual most if not all would use a holy pally. Good luck leveling tbc is 10x more harder than cata! catchme wasn't a fire mage by any chance? Feels like I ran into that guy in bgs many times..
  12. The true question is...what criteria are you using to determine whether the guild is the best or not?
  13. First of all, Nice to see someone who bothers to report bugs, most people i know just work around the bug so...dont stop reporting, you are contributing to the quality of the server thanks to that. Sadly though...you are not done after reporting, you need to make sure to follow up and keep checking on the status of your report. Bug tracking is a logical process there is no 'trust' involved, you need to follow up & stick to the required procedures so the devs are not working on invalids or duplicates Is this the issue that you are referring to? https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues/5716 If yes then the very last comment is... Which indicates that hunters needed to test if that issue still existed ....so if according to you that it still exists you need to open another one. Don't give up @Kaidalen28 follow up on this issue till it gets fixed. Hang in there! the fate of the hunters on azeroth depend on you!
  14. @Macumbafeh is right. That server is pretty much dead support-wise, most either went to other servers,to netherwing(like me!) or to tauri MoP server...