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  1. thats perfect gives a little more insight incase people are trying to understand what is happenening. Thank you.
  2. Ive been currently having rundll cranking up my cpu. What happens is when i click the WoW.exe the game doesnt respond, you see the loading thing come up on the mouse icon but wow doesnt respond. what does happens however your CPU hits 100%. Running task manager you see a wow32 file operating and a rundll process hogging all the cpu. What i did to temp fix this was open another wow.exe (the game loads the second time while the first WoW.exe is open) Tab out of game. CTrl-alt-del open task manager than close wow32 and run ddll (end process) and the cpu would fall back to normal standards make sure to keep the new wow process runnung. Temp fix only you have to do this every time. it was getting annoying so i did some investigating heres a link i found to another vanilla server. It is a recent thing i believe as the post was made around the 20th of june. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/73549-wow-running-rundll32exe-at-stupidly-high-cpu-usage-whilst-closed/ The gist of it is they say windows 7 users are mainly effected by this step 1 rename WoW.exe in folder to 1.exe ( i could be wrong but the game exe being first in the load make a diff idk) anyways this fixed it step 2 only if step 1 failed i deleted the windows update from a few weeks ago and reinstalled TBC- you can delete windows update from ctrl panel uninstall programs there are options for updates dont forget to back up your macros and addons in the WTF folder . takes forever to setup it all up again if you are having this problem i hope this helps
  3. logged in and out n got it
  4. i sold some copper on ah and went to get the mail but nothing was there. 1 of 3 items on ah are sold but no monies.