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  1. You didin't understand the point. It wouldn't just straight up ban someone for just typing in "$". Bot first sees someone use $, then it compares it to the playtime. If someone is level 10 with like 2h /played and is using $ and alot of capital letters then only that should trigger the bot to take action. Maybe not instantly ban him, just blacklist him for like 10 minutes, preventing his message in the first place. There are multiple variations that we could also add into the equation. At that point gm could take over the bot and check the log of such player and determine if it actually is a gold seller or a player. That's just my gf's idea, would love to hear about technicality of such project.
  2. My girlfriend suggested that you could write a bot that checks playtime of a character that types in chat "$", "%", or some other variation of distorted link. And based on this, program can ban accounts of these people. But that's just her idea.
  3. You're not wrong. But that seems like ignoring the problem instead of actually solving it. It just feels like administration doesnt feel like bothering, or they get paid like Elysium stuff back in Nost days.
  4. That's unblizzlike in my opinion, and would miss the point of the realm. Gold sellers would just adjust their leveling bots to get to level 15 instead of 10 and continue their spam.
  5. There's no day when I log into the game being in shatt or orgrimmar and dont see constant gold seller spam. I've seen other realms who actually deal with the problem, I haven't seen much gold selling while playing on ****. **** wasn't terrible either. So what's so diffrent about netherwing. I played on Cata realm for couple years in the past and scripting was outstanding, and there was absolutely no gold spam there. So yeah. Whats going on here m8's?
  6. Kervian

    Random freezes

    Don't you mean Terrain detail? https://imgur.com/a/ZScxTvo Theres only 1 slider that reduces View distance and its called "Terrain Distance". And it doens't help with freezing. Please correct me if Im wrong.
  7. Kervian

    Random freezes

    Lowering view distance doens't really help. Any other ideas why this happens?
  8. Kervian

    Random freezes

    Hi. At random I get random freeze. Not lag or anything like that. Game freezes completely, 0 fps. It used to usually happen when there was an alliance player nearby, but nowadays it just happens at random. Sometimes it unfreezes after like 5 seconds and game works fine for next couple hours. And sometimes it just closes itself for whatever reason. No error or anything like that. That problem did not occur at other private server called after T6 raid dungeon. *cough* Even thou I used exatcly the same client, I tried deleting my wtf and cache folder. Did not solve do problem. It's really annoying to charge into an enemy player just to get wiped because your game froze. Also player rubberbanding is a nightmare for a warrior plz fix. :C