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  1. fettsgg

    9pm pacific fri/sat guild

    i would join
  2. fettsgg

    Battlegrounds Activity

    pvp set should be buyable with honor instead of marks. turn in marks for honor. that way you dont have to do AV.. at least get some warsong gulches going come on
  3. fettsgg

    TBC PvP needs to be tweaked.

    agree with you. on felmyst bgs were popping all the time even with such low population and no one ever complained it wasnt "blizzlike". the daily bg and daily arena quest was so good and the ability to get pvp gear. he disabled having to buy with marks because one one is going to bloody do av. please do what felmyst did as i had a lot of fun bging and pvping on there some people will say it was dead but when he made these changes i was getting the 10 bg wins quest done every day. i have not yet hit 70 here but it seems like not many bgs are popping :X