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  1. It doesn't and I don't even think it should...
  2. Hi and welcome (hopefully) to our server. We have already answered a similar topic so if you don't mind I will just link you to that one.
  3. Hi Luriyo, I will try to be as honest as possible, but I don't have the hard numbers so all of it is just my perception of things. 1. Arenas are pretty active, even though a new season just started and I think some people are waiting for the best teams to get out of +-1500 range so they have a chance of winning before they start a team. You can play 2v2 during the whole day, but you won't be getting opponents of the same rating as you are. During the NA and EU peak time 2v2 arenas are really active and only the highest (and lowest) rated players will have problem finding a fair match. 3v3 is less active and you can play it pretty much only during peak time. But you can definitely play it everyday. 2. It depends on your class and your goals. In our guild we all tried to have fun, do some dungeons and have professions 350+ before reaching level 70 and it took us from 8 to 10 days /played. But I am sure that if you want to rush to lvl 70, you have an ideal class (not playing ret paladin like me) and you don't care about the professions then you can do it in something like 5-7 days played. 3. The server definitely feels alive. There is always someone trying to find groups and looking for more people. Of course this mostly applies to dungeons and heroics. Raids are not that common, because they are mostly guild raids and they usually just want a few people to fill their roster. If you want to get to groups easily you need to play tank (some people even want money from the group so they would tank their dungeon) or healer. As a damager you basically have to start the group yourself. 4. I am not online right now so I can't check it in game but on the website it says that there are 1224 players online and it is really early morning in Europe when I am writing this. Usually during peak time there are 2,5-3k people and on rare occasions I have seen even 5k players online (but it was only a few months after the server started). So in my opinion if you are looking for the TBC experience, which contains x1 leveling, this is the server for you. I may be a little masochistic but I really loved the leveling here because it is challenging, you need help from other players and you have some feeling of accomplishment whenever you get a new piece of gear, or talent or spell. I also like that when you see a high level player, you know that they had to work hard for it. I really missed this feeling on retail.
  4. Vanay

    Judgement of justice

    It is working properly now...
  5. Vanay

    PvP warrior race

    You are forgetting the orc on-use racial that gives you AP... This is like having an extra trinket which is really good in the beginning of the expansion. And you can also use the axe specialization if you want to go for axes, which is in my opinion quite reasonable... So if you don't want to tank I would go for orc every time....
  6. You pull the whole dungeon (because BoS) and then let the alt hit all the mobs with aoe. Then you cast BoP, concecration, leave party and aoe the mobs down before you are ported away... I have done it at retail too, but I am not sure how it would be viewed here, since the rules for some things are different here... Can some GM confirm or deny that this is legal? I would think about making an alt in that case :D
  7. Sometimes this happens when you alt+tab to another window. Then the client thinks that alt is still pressed so you automatically target yourself. For me it is enough to just alt+tab out of wow and back.
  8. use the following macro: #showtooltip NAME OF THE SPELL /startattack /cast NAME OF THE SPELL you can use this for every offensive spell you have and when you click it you will start autoattacking... Also the "showtooltip" part will help you see what the spell does and how much it costs etc.
  9. The pvp will only get better. There are LOT of people who want to play pvp but just haven't reached lvl 70 yet. Look at the ratio of people at lvl 70 and people still leveling. Of course half the players are poorly geared. Lot of them just finished leveling :D I would give it a month or two and I bet you will see a huge increase in pvp activity. It is true that the rewards for playing pvp are rather poor compared to pve, but lot of us play pvp for the gameplay and not for the rewards.
  10. Vanay


    Interesting... I always thought that multiboxing means controlling several characters by a single command input. For example I press "q" and every character I have logged on casts a spell. So thanks for pointing out the rules again, because I probably wouldn't have a problem logging my friend's account and trading some items, or finishing a dungeon on 2 characters (one only on follow) when the friend needs to leave during a dungeon. I did that for years on many private servers and even on retail...
  11. Hi fellow paladins, I don't want to post this directly into bug tracker, because I haven't had many opportunities to verify it, but I think that the judgement of justice is bugged. From my few encounters with feral druids I can tell that it doesn't cap the movement speed at 100%. But I am not sure how it really works on Netherwing now because I haven't had anyone to test it with yet, maybe it caps the movement speed at the base movement speed, which would mean 130% for feral in cat (with the talents), or maybe it doesn't work at all. Because this is one of the most important judgements for pvp, I would like to get to the bottom of this. Does anyone have any experience? Could someone be able to test it? (You need a feral friend to duel with ideally someone who already knows dash and someone who is willing to respec out of Feral Swiftness.)