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  1. Shardphoenix


    And now go try to farm some blindweed or goldthorn. Or anything below 300 herbalism/alchemy. While outlands are fine, Azeroth herbs (pretty much all of them) have over 2 HOURS respawn timer.
  2. Shardphoenix


    Yeah, if you wait until server restart and then gather everything before someone else appears.
  3. Air elementals (whirlwind shredders/rippers/stromwalkers) in Desolace are supposed to drop elemental air with 15% chance. Killed around 50 yesterday and can safely say they don't drop anything. Elemental air prices on AH (4+ gold, about 8x more expensive than other elemental components) seem to support it. It's an important component for a Robe of Power (a very good craftable caster robe for lvl 33+ that also looks great with Whitemane's hat).
  4. Shardphoenix

    Blackfathom deeps

    There are 4 elementals all the time. I`ve yet to see a run where only 2 are spawned (as it's supposed to be).
  5. Shardphoenix

    Seeking RU Guild

    Удачи. Пока что я слышал только про одну русскую гильдию, и та рейдовая. Так что качайся до 70 и вписывайся к ним. Ну, или создай свою.
  6. Shardphoenix

    deleted my horde to swap ally

    Welcome to Alliance. I hope you enjoy being raided by a full 70 party when you're still lvl 25.
  7. Shardphoenix


    Yes, herbalism seems to be completely screwed. herbs respawn like once or twice per day, blindweed prices on AH are completely off the charts (since you can only farm it in one zone).