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  1. Gematria

    Class to pick

    tanks are always most needed. rare rolls and mostly needed in raids are shadow priest and elemental shaman
  2. Gematria

    To those hordes ganking in Lakeshire/STV

    you could use the spirit healer. the sickness is gone once you reach your new leveling area anyway. or yea go masturbating or do some other real life stuff and come back later. easy as that.
  3. thats a bad solution. you cant just ban everyone who is chatting with $
  4. Gematria

    Battlegrounds Activity

    since this is a blizzlike server i doubt they will implent this command. But i dont see the problem anyway, you can que somewhere and get some stuff done while you wait. Where exactly is the problem?
  5. Gematria

    To those hordes ganking in Lakeshire/STV

    i dont understand why you dont change to another leveling area when you get yardcamped. is it that hard? stop feeding the trolls.
  6. Gematria

    Remove marks from cost of Pre-70 pvp gear

    okay and when people stop doing low lvl instances the gear should be aviablle at a vendor?
  7. Gematria

    R-Click -> Report spam

    can you explain what exactly they did to solve the issue? did you play there? got any screenshots of their system?
  8. Gematria

    R-Click -> Report spam

    i doubt that is possible
  9. Gematria

    Something weird

    he clearly said that he is ally himself so thats unlikely. what could be the case is a hack, which lets you use the MC effect without really using the cast.
  10. people will always buy gold its not that easy.
  11. Gematria

    Remove marks from cost of Pre-70 pvp gear

    because its not active server vise or because no player que?
  12. Gematria

    Erfahrener TBC Spieler sucht deutsche Raidgilde

    versuchs mal einen Thread über dir bei "Sturm".
  13. Gematria

    missions in Spanish

    i think what you try to say is that you have part of the game in spanish and part in english? thats because the server is english so all the server based informations like items are english and everything which is client based is spanish which means that you have a spanish client. you cant change everything to spanish but you can download a english client if you want to have everything in english. hope that helps.
  14. Gematria

    PTE Nethwerwing becoming WOTLK?

    got it thanks
  15. Gematria

    Playtime 1 - 70

    How long did it take for you on this server?