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  1. its in the FAQ, they will do it someday
  2. https://forum.atlantiss.eu/netherwing/forum/18-horde/
  3. Hi mate! 1.there is no official way to skip leveling. 2.server is open since january this year ~, t5 content is open, zul aman is closed, quel danas is closed and everything else t6 related is not here yet 3.respecc cost is maxed to 20g
  4. i thought fggids like u only exist in memes,. are you that bored in life ? just ignore them and stop spamming.
  5. whiny bois like you destroy great communities. stop taking everything seriously.
  6. 1.depends on your skill. should be easy if you know what you do. 2.you can see the activity at the homepage. Its around 3k mostly. 3.yes. 4.ret pally is needed in late content, 1 per raid. better pick another class for now.
  7. you have a point mate but how would you change the rule? sure its stupid to kill lowbies but you cant ban everyone who kills a lower player. neither can you accept someone who is killcamping another player.
  8. Read the rules. its not allowed to killcamp someone for the only purpose to ruin his game experience.
  9. Outland minimum is lvl 58. If you want to play on a blizzlike server stay here, if you want to have a fun server experience please change the server.
  10. if youre not able to get a hunter to lvl 10 you should quit playing and throw your computer out of the window and leave the internet forever. please never touch a keyboard again in your lifetime.
  11. Horde always got queue times so you should join alliance.
  12. most early game druid tank items are still bad as fuk.i feel u bro.
  13. Hi, yes its a pvp server, pvp is active.Battlegrounds at lvl 70 are always open but low lvl pvp barely exists. There is no function to stop gaining exp as far as i know. There is a dungeon group finder system but not the one like the official servers have. It helps you finding a group for specific dungeons but to be honest its not neccessary to use it because there are always people looking for dungeon group members in the global "world" channel.
  14. its the dps fault for instantly starting dps. im playing feral tank and its all working fine.