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  1. Tanavor

    Remove marks from cost of Pre-70 pvp gear

    Because there are no battlegrounds pre 70 in which to receive Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor, or any other corresponding mark required for the gear.
  2. Tanavor

    Paladin Divine Shield Bug

    I was fighting in Netherstorm against an Enhance Shaman. I used Divine Shield, then was immediately killed by his elemental. Divine shield was up with plenty of time left. Here's a screenshot of my combat log.
  3. Since you cannot get Marks of honor pre-70, why not make all the the pre-70 pvp gear purchasable with just honor (and maybe a reduced cost at that)? Even things like the Private's Tabbard are fun to get as you level up. Would love access to the WSG and AB items for low level characters.