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  1. zigus91

    Gold not in mail

    everything i send myself through the mail works fine, what happend to my gold i sent??? am i just out the gold now or? whats the deal
  2. zigus91

    Gold not in mail

    i tried sending mail to any possible typo's that i could of possibly sent the gold to by mistake, but ive failed to find recipients, telling me those characters dont exist. its been over 24 hours since i sent the gold to myself, still nothing its like it just dissipated after i clicked send any help please
  3. zigus91

    Gold not in mail

    I sent myself some gold to one of my alts- the gold or mail never came so i tried to relog, didnt fix. i logged back to my main character and sent the alt a single gold 1g to test, that gold came through instantly where did the first mail i sent go? perhaps miss-type? but there is no way for me to check meanwhile im out the gold i sent.. any help with this? or a way i can check my mail log perhaps Pocketheal (character name) Horde