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  1. kikeron

    Dreamstate build

    Well not because the OOM thing. It is because easier soloing+HoTs in heroics might be not THAT nice :P
  2. kikeron

    Dreamstate build

    Anyone reads these forums? Anyway I will try. What is your opinion on Dreamstate build for heroics?
  3. Can you import there old wowhead links? I came up with it because I was reading some old elitistjerks posts with wowhead links. This script converts the links.
  4. I wrote a small simple python script to convert old tbc wowhead talent calculator build links, to http://calculators.iradei.eu ones. It does not work for ALL links for some reason and TBH I did not spend much time trying to figure out why. Its use is obvious; wowhead does not support these links any more. For instance it will convert http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IZbxczIdzZxx0tr0tVuV to http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/warlock?0000000000000000000002050030133210100000000505000512200510531050 . Feel free to modify it to work properly with other expansions (or with the links that do not work :P ). Feel free to contribute in general. You need python3 to run it. Feel free to host it somewhere for all to use etc. cl={"0":"druid","c":"hunter","o":"mage","s":"paladin","b":"priest","f":"rogue","h":"shaman","I":"warlock","L":"warrior"} numtal={"I":[21,22,21],"0":[21,21,20],"c":[21,20,23],"o":[23,22,22],"s":[20,22,22], "b":[22,21,21],"f":[21,24,22],"h":[20,21,20],"L":[23,21,22]} data2={'0':"00",'o':"10",'b':"20",'h':"30",'L':"40",'x':"50", 'z':"01", 'k':"11", 'd':"21", 'u':"31", 'p':"41",'t':"51", 'M':"02",'R':"12",'r':"22", 'G':"32",'T':"42", 'g':"52", 'c':"03",'s':"13",'f':"23",'I':"33",'j':"43",'e':"53", 'm':"04",'a':"14",'w':"24", 'N':"34", 'n':"44", 'v':"54", 'V':"05",'q':"15",'i':"25",'A':"35",'y':"45",'E':"55" } inp=input("Enter wowhead talents link:") inp=inp.replace("http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=","") print (inp) _class=cl[inp[0]] print(_class) trees=inp[1:].split('Z') print(trees) c=0 out=[] for t in trees: out.append("") for ch in t: out[c]+=data2[ch] #print (data2[ch]) zeros='0' * (numtal[inp[0]][c]-len(out[c])) out[c]+=zeros c=c+1 print ("Link: http://calculators.iradei.eu/talents/"+_class+"?"+''.join(out))