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  1. Alright, thanks for the help.
  2. I like X-perl. It's an addon which offers everything I want, however it is bugged. I use mouseover macros to heal but these heals are often not registered when I put my cursor over a portrait. Obviously, this leads to huge wastes of mana and possible wipes. Is it because of my particular version of X-perl? Is there alternative to make mouseover macros work with this addon?
  3. Let's try with feral. Can a feral win such a battle?
  4. Huntards are dumbest class ever created. They have one button macro to dps in PvE, one big red button to win in PvP and they have annoying pet to farm for them while they AFK. I also dislike them greatly due to the fact that they are played by button mashers which like to gank a lot. What class can consistently beat huntards in duels and world PvP at max level?
  5. The problem with x2 xp is simple and i'll describe it with one word: economy. A server with double xp will allow a lot of people to create farming alts and inflate the prices of many crafting materials. Additionally alts will be created simply for an extra profession to help their "mains". Alchemy transmutes anyone? Double xp will help population for a short time but will also change not only leveling, but "end game" as well. In a bad way.
  6. What is the point asking the location when it shows above the mini map it is Wildhammer Stronghold?
  7. It's bugged and there is no point wasting your time with it. Reward is not even that good.
  8. Damn racists! Purge them with fire! Thankfully, everywhere you go you can find fine people such as yourself, always eager to point out what others have said and done to make sure (social) justice is served. Even in video games. Damn, you must be proud of yourself, sir! You just went out of your way to show your own virtue and progressive thinking by exposing these...these creatures to the world! Hopefully, these white supremacists will get fired from their jobs and shunned from society...I mean banned and we can all continue with our tolerant lives. You really deserve a cookie!
  9. OP has a point. What goes around comes around.
  10. Park your character in a tavern/capital city. Play something else if you feel like it. Come back to your mage after you have a few days rested bonus if you don't like the new class. Profit?
  11. When it comes to talents the game is in 2.4.3. When it comes to itemization, the game is in earlier patch and this is where the difference comes from.
  12. You WILL get ganked no matter what. Grow some balls and play what you like to play.
  13. Horde has more players and therefore will likely gank more. Ofc, there are douchebags on both sides, but you also have to consider the mentality. Racials matter much more in PvP rather than PvE, so the "killer" type of player will likely roll Horde to maximize his "killing potential." Undead rogue has become a meme for a reason. Redridge is getting raided by Hordes almost every evening from what I hear, no idea how it is on the other side. Horde is probably the safer choice to avoid ganking.