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  1. hello this post is in hopes of connecting with some people who are looking to get back into TBC I have a capped priest, sham, warlock, and imagine i will level another toon as well unless the raid scene picks up faster than i am expecting for me here. I have played on netherwing in the past and imagine some guilds are very far progressed into t6 if they are still active? i will likely not be a good fit for these guilds but feel free to reach out anyways. my toons are not very far progressed (spare few t5 pieces at best) - and i am looking to work on heroics/ kara and enjoy some good times. i'm very open to leveling new toons as well, and have some that are already in the works my availability is pretty flexible so even if you are not near my time zone, would love to hear from other people looking for a guild / friends on this realm/ server also, first post here! thanks for reading thanks ahead for responses