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  1. xilentraz21

    Frost Mage Build

    If you're about AoE taking Frostbite is bad.
  2. xilentraz21

    Frost Mage Build

    I've been playing this game for years and leveling multiple times in classic Azeroth and I really can't think of one mob. Totems are not a spell anyway, they can be used while silenced and even if they were it's a shaman mob so he has only 1 school of magic which is nature. No because by "later levels" I meant like levels 60+ when you are starting to get a lot more BSD items. You get icy veins at level 20 and ice barrier at 40 so it's pretty fast if you ask me. You also get extra % damage talents like piercing ice pretty fast in frost tree. It's neat indeed but AM doesn't slow the target and has less range than FB so mob will have way more health when it reaches you while using AM. There is no talent that makes AM a faster channel so in a time you can channel 1 AM you can cast 2,3 FBs while in frost. Let's say you're level 16 - with FB you will deal around 133,4 damage for 113 mana by the time it takes you to channel 1 AM that deals 152 damage for 140 mana. I guess arcane isn't too bad for leveling (surely better than fire) but frost still slightly wins when it comes to killing mobs one by one.
  3. xilentraz21

    Frost Mage Build

    No, you're absolutely wrong. Most mobs aren't casters and the ones that are casting often use only one school of magic. Link me one type of mob that uses 2 school of magic during first 50 levels because I can't even think of one. It's a PvP talent only, completely useless for PvE and even if you sometimes meet casters in world PvP you still often want to land your CS on specific school so it won't matter that much unless you really look for trouble. No reason to take it over arcane fortitude + 1/2 imp mana shield (there are way more mobs who will do physical damage to you so 4-5% less of that damage for one talent is really good). When you kill mobs one by one in Frost you use mage armor too and you don't always have to run and nova the mob. You just tank it with ice barrier and if it's on CD you have icy veins for 0 pushback. If you have tanking mobs in mind I don't get why you wouldn't take arcane fortitude which gives like 4-5% less physical damage on you and that's only 1 talent. I don't think clearcasting works the way you're describing it. Like I said on Netherwing it's fixed and it works correctly so you can't abuse it (it won't proc multiple times during one AM and it works on one tick only).
  4. Experienced mage LF good rogue for RM. I reached around 2100 rating in RM on Next-Gen and recently nearly 2600 rating on Angrathar. Only serious offers from people who know how to play in this comp and actively play on Netherwing. Let's abuse RM's S1 power! Whisper Xil (Horde) in game if you're interested.
  5. Warrior - Lance his charge or "jump" it. Only blink his intercept. Don't nova befor spell reflect. Force his spell reflection > nova > shatter combo. You can also nova > poly > shatter combo at start. Keep him in combat so he can't use charge. Rogue - Forget about casting anything vs good rogues, only instants. Mange your absorbs well and spam instants. Blink his Cheap Shot or you will lose too much HP on it unless you don't have trinket (in such case only blink his kidney). Ice block when he uses cloak of shadows. Hunter - Vs BM you have to sit in ice block for 10 seconds once he uses his BW and then survive another 8 seconds of BW with good management of your absorbs and deadzoning. Vs MM you can sit in ice block during your ice barrier CD or just use it to cancel the silence. Forget about casting, instants only. Warlock - Don't try to kill pet, it's dumb IMO (it has like 200 MR in TBC). Spam instants only and manage your absorbs well. Cancel his dots with ice block used at the right moment (preferebly when your ice barrier is on CD). Counterspell only shadow casts (drain life/fear/banish). Remember that you can cold snap to reset your ice barrier cd and summon another elemental with freeze out of CD. If he won't drain too much of your life you should be able to win. Mage - CS arcane casts preferebly but frost is also okay (if frost go ham with damage because he won't be able to block nor barrier it for 8 seconds; if arcane you can hard cast on your icy veins). You can FB > poly > FB > poly to get rid of his absorbs and then nuke him (only try to do that when his CS is on CD). Blink/trinket/ice block his novas befor lance hits you. Manage your absorbs well. Priest - Vs shadow open up with poly but don't let him SWD it (he will trinket it and if he doesn't fully spell steal him). Once he trinkets go ham with damage (frostbolts when he's not near you and if he's near you arcane missiles). When he's about to die nova > counterspell > shatter combo. Ice block only his silence. Blink when you think he's about to fear you so maybe he'll waste it but it's not an issue if you're undead. Druid - If it's resto hit enter and type "/forfeit" unless you have GOOD PvE gear. Vs feral he will try to take your cone of cold or nova on his caster form if he's smart so only use nova/cone when he's in cat/bear form. Only blink after feral charge. Only instants/frostbolt rank 1. Paladin - Vs holy force both his trinket and bubble and you should win (you can't win if he can LoS you but neither can he). Vs retribution try to stack up winter chills and spell steal his blessing of freedom. He can only win if he gets a lot of RNG or/and you are really bad. Only Blink his stun. Shaman - Vs Enh you can kill him with instants. Don't let him get close to you or he will destroy you in 1 second (if you can't blink use ice block befor he touches you) but you should be able to easily kite when he's slowed with cone of cold or frostbolt r1. Vs resto force his trinket and then setup burst with nova > poly > shatter > CS > elemental nova > shatter. (when you go for setup his shock and grounding totem must be on CD).
  6. xilentraz21

    Frost Mage Build

    https://talentcalculator.org/tbc/mage?2300150310030000000000000000000000000000000000535003313230010221351 The reason you don't go Shatter is because it's really not that good for PvE including leveling. When you fight one mob you will be tanking it on Ice Barrier or just pop Icy Veins for 0 pushback instead of wasting too much time on Nova > running away > Frostbolt again (you will have to do that sometimes but not that often and 1 Frostbolt crit often breaks nova so it's really not that big of a deal). When it comes to AoE your Blizzard CAN'T crit so Shatter won't give any extra damage for your Blizzard. You don't take Frostbite because it actually fucks you over when you're trying to AoE pack of mobs with your Blizzard. Improved Counterspell is useless for leveling. No Arcane Fortitude kind of sucks too. AM is actually very mana inefficient unless you already have a lot of arcane talents + BSD which won't be the case for the first 60 levels. Arcane Concentration isn't bugged on Netherwing so you won't be able to abuse it.