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  1. My guess is you logged into the PTR.
  2. Greetings, As I've stated in your other posts, this is not the proper avenue to request an appeal. Please follow the instructions below:
  3. Create a ticket in game. Game Masters can assist.
  4. Greetings, looks like this is all fixed now. If you're still having difficulties, pop a ticket in and we can investigate further.
  5. Are you trying the correct username? I know we currently have a bug that if you type in the wrong username, it will insta-disconnect you.
  6. Verify the correct username, and take a video of the login process so I can investigate this more.
  7. Did you enable 2FA? The authentication code is the code of your 2 factor app.
  8. <GM> Daystar

    Quest bugged

    There are 3 spawn locations for this egg. This quest is working properly.
  9. We rarely IP ban, but we do account ban. Multi-boxing penalties come in all shapes and sizes (Although, permanent bans don't happen unless the offense is egregious, ie. 3-4 previous suspensions for the same account). If you were using 3rd party modifications (Other than simply sending inputs to multiple computers), then the offense would be different: As now you're cheating, instead of simply boosting yourself. If you feel the ban was unjust, I encourage you to follow up with a ban appeal:
  10. @Kalanin You should be all set to go. In the future, create a ticket in game (Using the ? icon) for quicker assistance.
  11. The green banner at the top will always show you're not banned (It's a bug). If you search the banlist for your display name, it should show you the cause of the ban, and how long it will last for. To appeal a ban, please follow the steps listed here:
  12. @gomez1308Hours? Our average response time in #support on our discord is usually < a few minutes. I'd recommend trying there.
  13. Ban appeals need to be handled in a specific fashion: For issues with other players, please create a ticket in game, with more information. /closed
  14. We spoke on discord a bit. This appears to be intermittent freezing, and is likely caused by an addon, cache issue, or possibly a MPQ issue. Try reinstalling, and let me know if you're still having issues.
  15. Game Masters do not discuss ban appeals in threads. You'll need to follow up by following the directions below:
  16. /closed
  17. Since you've received multiple replies, from both Game Masters, and members of the administration team, I encourage you to follow up with our [email protected] email:
  18. This is a known issue. I recommend following #official and #changelog on our discord.
  19. <GM> Daystar

    account deletion

    Email [email protected] with a request for account deletion.
  20. The point of the suspension is to detract users from multiboxing as long as they can, get a ton of advantage, and then playing normally. Additionally: We usually only punish the leveler, to punish the gain in experience they've gained while boosting. We've thrown messages in discord, multiple announcements over the past few weeks into the game (Server wide RED announcements), and they're clear in our rules. If you wish to file a ban appeal, you need to follow up via email:
  21. As stated in our initial conversation, from the #WightPride message of the day, to your guild recruitment message <Wights Only!>, it caused a lot of tension and animosity toward you and your guild members, and world chat continually devolved into racist remarks, which involved numerous tickets and game master involvement, which detracted us from the launch of 2.1. This would have been OK it it was just a play on words, but it was clear to me that it was used to bypass racism rules (As stated by my earlier comments, and from the messages you and other guild members made in world chat over the last few days). When I originally approached you, I had already made the decision to rename your guild: And gave you the opportunity to choose a different one for yourself. Instead, you continued to argue, which was why I was forced to change it to another one (In this case, taking a friendlier one, used by one of the top guilds on WoW). If you wish to DM me a more appropriate guild name: One which doesn't attempt to bypass our racism policies, I'd be happy to change your guild name upon the next restart of the server.
  22. If you've just joined world chat for the first time, sometimes it requires you to relog before you can actually chat in it (In some rare cases it may also require you to clear your cache). Try those, and let me know if you're still having issues.
  23. @LuckyStrike2042 That's not entirely true. In certain circumstances, we can help recover some lost gear (Where possible), in order to get players back on their way. @Diktaper Send me a message on discord (Daystar), and give me all the relevant details: When you were hacked, what your username is, what was lost, etc.
  24. If you're ever stuck and can't login, it's usually because your client can't put you in a valid location (Such as falling off the deeprun tram). If you let a Game Master know in discord (Or logging in and putting in a ticket on an alt), a Game Master can move you to a safe location and allow you to login.