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  1. ah understand.. thank you
  2. what mean with client side ?? i downloaded wow from atlantiss websites.. the torrent... its unfair for human, isnt it ?
  3. video here as my proof
  4. I have the several videos but its 4-8GB.. I cant share here more than 10 MB. LOL
  5. so, I downloaded wow again, from atlantiss website now. dont have addons and still have the same problem .. I tested it with a Night elf in Stormwind where are a curbs around a trees.. he could go over the curb normally.. Me couldnt as a Human ... after that i tested it again with a random player Human .. he had the same problem
  6. yes, sorry i forgot delete this topic after what ou wrote me .. iĺl let ou know
  7. hey, sorry my english is not very well but here is problem probably....Human stuck on stairs, curbs ... I tried it with gnome, and normaly can go up stairs, without stuck .. my friend as Human has the same problem..I have the several videos but its 4-8GB.. I cant share here more than 10 MB. LOL
  8. Hello GM team , please I have a problem. My 1 backpack just disappeared o_O.. I found out when I entered to game today. I had there some Veins,Primals and motes. I dont know where is a problem.
  9. Dear GM Team, Sorry for my English.Here is a problem. I have something like latency, but I dont have ms. When I run out of mana it should make a spell image gray. that will happen, but always only after a short delay. but it´s not all. Sometimes, when I give a damage to mobs, their HP are decrease after a short moment. Or, not everytime but when I transfer one thing from a backpack to an other slot in backpack, so there is delay again.. The delay is 0.5 - 1 sec., Run out of combat is delayed such as well..I feel lagging and dont have this problem on any other server.. I´m not alone with this issues I think that the same problem everyone has on the server. Or is it normal? I´ve played TBC 10 years and I´ve never seen that. Please for help. Thank you