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  1. same buddy it seems only... temporary solution you could do is use VPN..... but it feels wrong to do that.
  2. Hey two weeks ago i got banned on my main account on discord. I do not understand why my discord account must suffer ban simply by being worried. I remember saying, I hope there's no shady business going on Nether wing. A guy asked me what kind of shady business, i said I've played on a server did not mention it's name cause i do not want to do share publicity of other servers meanwhile playing on this one.That on x server, the game developers where, shady and sold full best in slot geared characters to gold sellers, whom sold them to players, who then got banned. It clearly was not my intent, to badmouth this server at all, i made a in game ticket and according to Shohq i where spreading lies and i'm sorry if my comment on discord can be taken out of context in such a way. However yet again my intentions was simply a worry and not trying to spread lies on discord. So could i please have my main discord account back?
  3. Hey i had some what of an speculating between weather alliance or horde are best in pve. Horde has Bloodfury and berserking, tauren, which are best suited for pve. Alliance has humans and draenai and gnomes which are most suited for pve. So the theory is here. What yields highest raid dps increase? Playing as horde or alliance. having draenai in every grp equals to lesser hit rating gear needed which increase dps. Meanwhile for horde however they don't have that favor but they do have more burst potential. That's what i assume. but in competive grounds what is better Alliance or Horde Pve wise?.
  4. kikiqwert

    Discord ban

    Hey i got banned from discord simply by worrying about that there may perhaps be shady game developers. i mean come one banning because i have a worry about that might happen? Like what i wrote was, i just hope there are no shady business going on here. a guy asked how come then i said there was this vanilla server (did not even advertise the name about it). Where the game developers sold characthers to goldsellers whom sold it to players than they banned the players. i mean comeone getting discord ban for such a thing isn't it a bit too harsch?