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    I also have experienced this ping problem and have also been banned, but netherwing are not doing anything about theses issues..I've even messaged them in game and sent 2-3 emails to them with no response.. if you make another account they will just ban you on this too. They havnt got much to say or they don't like to admit they are wrong to the community so they keep players who are having issues with ping or even with the servers lag/status banned for bottling.<yet they have no evidence for either problem, I've yet to see a reply in 1-3 days
  2. Ban Appeal / complaint.. i was playing on netherwing @23:55 completing the starting quests in stranglethorn on alliance when I get discounted from the server, I instantly try log back in it says my wow account is no longer is use? how have you banned me questing and killing mobs when ive never owned or used a bot and im level 34??? its taken me 5minutes to think of a reason I would be banned for other than botting but it says on the ban list its because of this? ive been playing this for over 8hours and questing with 3people for over 6hours of the time played today @Atantiss.eu <copy and paste>from complaints Hello Atlantiss team, I first would like too say I played your cataclysm server for over 2-3years since launch and I enjoyed every moment of this specially having two account that had fully cleared content characters on with a bunch of friend I ment during my time there..then discovered you have a burning crusade server and that was eye opening, recently level from 1-36 in the past 2 weeks and have a wonder experience with my friends again leveling and watching content streamers but recently within the past hour I've been banned for botting with no evidence when I have been playing with my friends for 6hours just today and over 36hours in total /played after I flew to westfall complete a quest in duskwood and travel to stranglethorn, as I'm completing some of the starting quest I get disconnected from the game? "your wow account is no longer in use" I look on the banlist and its been perm banned :reason botting. I've never used bot software either on your servers or any wow server period. I really im sadden by the fact that being banned for something that has happened specially to a long lasting player of your servers @[email protected] I would really appreciate a response since I really have sincerely done nothing wrong In my defense