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Free Faction Change for Horde players are now live on website.
Please use following link to faction change your characters: https://atlantiss.eu/account/change_faction


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  1. can @administrator confirm that will be no bannable for it ?
  2. GRUHA

    Dark Portal Opens

    I doubt it they even consider change of date ...
  3. GRUHA

    Class Distribution in Alliance

    for now
  4. GRUHA

    Atlas - Dependency

    AtlasLoot: Incompatible Atlas Detected Thats normal? every login ?
  5. GRUHA

    Bugged Enemy Cast Bar

    try using nameplates addon maybe ?
  6. GRUHA

    Bugged Enemy Cast Bar

    em what u mean ? tell more dunno what problem it is
  7. GRUHA

    Class Distribution in Alliance

    yea :o not a lot troll :o
  8. GRUHA

    For the Twinks !!

    I think so that was blizzlike npc in ogri ( asume sw too) that for 1g? or 10g? not sure, stop ur lvl :o or it was wotlk then sory
  9. GRUHA

    Class Distribution in Alliance

    2 days scanning :D
  10. GRUHA


    make poll with ideas, ask ppl.. i sure a lot of ppl will agree
  11. GRUHA

    Class Distribution in Alliance

    trying this addon, will poast after 6k ppl, now have 3500+
  12. GRUHA

    Best leveling spec

  13. GRUHA


    I Play with my girlfriend at home And we dont get a ban
  14. GRUHA

    Classic WOW experience

    Still not enough :3 huehue
  15. GRUHA

    A leveling compromise

    Yea even worst ppl and scripts ... Best bg with multiboxers xd