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  1. raidstat raidstatus or something its was very good on nostalrius, u know every guild progres and others stat :o
  2. GRUHA


    make in game info about it. leth pll to know how help u guys
  3. GRUHA

    Double WF vs WF/FT

    maybe someone will do it for gold in game ? :D we can gather with some ppl gold maybe
  4. GRUHA

    Double WF vs WF/FT

    How work that now ?
  5. thats allowed ? i mean can that treat a ban ?
  6. can @administrator confirm that will be no bannable for it ?
  7. I doubt it they even consider change of date ...
  8. AtlasLoot: Incompatible Atlas Detected Thats normal? every login ?
  9. try using nameplates addon maybe ?
  10. em what u mean ? tell more dunno what problem it is