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  1. Once we are ready with the data import we gonna make a guide how to transfer.
  2. Hello there,thats the right place to report a bug https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues
  3. You can use that command to disable it .character arenaBroadcast
  4. Hello there,we waiting for them (LH) to release the player data.After that we gonna make a guide how to transfer.What u can bring here,what cant and everything.But till there is no player data....there is nothing we can do.
  5. u still can play x1 if u want.Just type .char bonusExp in chat (ingame)
  6. Once they release the data we gonna make a guide
  7. As i say...we waiting for LH to release the data.
  8. You have way better % for answer and finding a guild in our discord.
  9. There is 0 problem's for us to transfer from LH. Only problem is they need to release the data.So waiting for them to do that
  10. Where can i trade my char for BoE or gold...just wondering
  11. Is the right place for that https://forum.atlantiss.eu/netherwing/topic/684-how-to-appeal-for-unbanreport-a-game-masterplayer/?tab=comments#comment-4277
  12. Hello there.Your account was hacked so we closed it.It u wanna restore access please send DM to Daystar in Discord or send mail to [email protected]
  13. Disable questie/Quest helper and u gonna be ok.This addons have problem with time related/escort quests.
  14. You have ingame command that can bring back your exp to x1