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  1. smailyog

    [Bug] Mobs falling through world

    Wrong place to post a bug,but ok.Can you bring some steps how to reproduce it.30 min and still nothing for me. : ) Please do .server info when u record again,so we can make sure its from NW. Thx!
  2. smailyog

    Old dungeon farming

    Warlock and paladin quest's are scripted and dung's for them will be open.
  3. smailyog

    Old dungeon farming

    Vanilla raid's will be closed at release,some End game Vanilla dung's too.
  4. Personal answer like a tester (not from staff).So lets say serve=life irl.What u prefer? live longer with low of success and failure's by the way u live and enjoy life or skip half of you life and Rip faster? Personal for me WoW is a journey.No matter did u do 1-70 for the first time or 10th. peace and have fun. : )
  5. smailyog

    Fair server for all?

    Everyone start from 1 and that's it.No special treatment to special player's/guild's.
  6. smailyog

    Engineering tank goggles

    patch 2.4.3 is about Player's (spell's/talents).Bosses/item's start with 2.0....so when 2.1 hit=goggles and other items will be available (and some item stats change)
  7. smailyog


    Thx for the post,but u didnt see the full picture here.This project is NOT about to be just TBC and end of the story.The idea here (at least for me ) is ppl to invest time and effort in Netherwing,and when the time come....move to next raid/expansion. But im just a Tester so....may be wrong.
  8. smailyog

    Can't join beta

    Server host is Down atm. From discord ''An unexpected issue with the host occured, the server will most likely be unavailable for a few hours. We will try to work out a solution as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.''
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oKFie5mrUhwaxnAAPDt60nLSubdQRIZB/view That must do the job for now.
  10. smailyog

    Make a Sub-Reddit

    There will be Subreddit ''soon'' but still no ETA
  11. Primal Mooncloth , Spellcloth , Shadowcloth May miss one more...not sure
  12. smailyog

    Introduction - Regeneration19

    Welcome Johannes! Hope u stay and have a lot of fun in Netherwing (beta and release).
  13. smailyog

    Disable global channels

    At the end of the day its 50/50.There is no right and wrong answer here.