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  1. smailyog

    Bugged Quest

    Disable questie/quest helper and u gonna be fine.This addons have problem with time related quests.
  2. smailyog

    Is "tag leveling" allowed on Netherwing?

    As far a friend or someone else help you...its ok.If u log in with 2 acc doing it...its not ok.
  3. smailyog

    cant log in game

    Try with Any VPN,may help. Something like https://www.hotspotshield.com/
  4. smailyog

    Power leveling yourself with 1 account

    im not a expert,but u think if boss is at 1% and u leave combat he will stay at 1% till relog with the alt?
  5. smailyog

    Ban appeal, dont really get why.

    You can check out here. https://atlantiss.eu/banlist
  6. smailyog


    Send appeal here please
  7. Please disable questie/questhelper.This addons have problem with time related quests and freez or crash the game.After u done with that quest,can enable them again.
  8. smailyog

    Ban appeal

    About the corrupt GM...will be interesting.
  9. smailyog


    Feel free to send Ban appeal here
  10. smailyog

    [Bug] Mobs falling through world

    Wrong place to post a bug,but ok.Can you bring some steps how to reproduce it.30 min and still nothing for me. : ) Please do .server info when u record again,so we can make sure its from NW. Thx!
  11. smailyog

    Old dungeon farming

    Warlock and paladin quest's are scripted and dung's for them will be open.
  12. smailyog

    Old dungeon farming

    Vanilla raid's will be closed at release,some End game Vanilla dung's too.
  13. Personal answer like a tester (not from staff).So lets say serve=life irl.What u prefer? live longer with low of success and failure's by the way u live and enjoy life or skip half of you life and Rip faster? Personal for me WoW is a journey.No matter did u do 1-70 for the first time or 10th. peace and have fun. : )
  14. smailyog

    Fair server for all?

    Everyone start from 1 and that's it.No special treatment to special player's/guild's.
  15. smailyog

    Engineering tank goggles

    patch 2.4.3 is about Player's (spell's/talents).Bosses/item's start with 2.0....so when 2.1 hit=goggles and other items will be available (and some item stats change)