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  1. It should start this Sunday, 0 o'clock.
  2. With my hunter I do have sometimes the same issue. Does your pet looses focus while fighting? Mine fight sometimes and does not loose focus, then i have to disable and re-enable the active ability (growl, bite, gore....) from my pet. After doing that, my Pet is attacking again, and holding some aggro.
  3. Hi everyone. Lately i have very often freezes when getting attacked by another player. This looks like following: Freeze, sometimes seeing an enemy, sometimes not. Freeze over, dead. Combatlog - Killed by Player XYZ I have freezes frequently. But those freezes when I get attacked by another player are... well... very uncomfortable and very often. Is it possible for another player to freeze the client for another player? At least it looks like exactly this is happening a lot to me. Or it is just an issue, if an enemy player who wants to kill me, my client freezes because it got frighten. Please understand, I don't want to know how this is working (if it is). If this is a real cause(cheating), I would start report such players. Could also be an issue with an addon I use, I don.t know.
  4. I have read in the Patchnotes for 2.1 (original ones) that the swift flight form will get added then.
  5. I have not seen it yet, neither can I afford it to buy epic flying to see if the quest is available.
  6. Hi, yesterday I was tanking Sethekk Halls -heroic. The Guards and later the Ravenguards had been very painfull for our group. They cannot get cc'ed and really do a lot of damage. We had no class in the group that could disarm. Issue was most of the time with the guards, that the healer got aggro from the second Guards due he had to immensly heal me. I have tried to tank both ofc, but well... In rare cases i could tank both but then I died soon. My Tank gear is bis before heroics (according to another guide). Buffed over 15k HP, crit immune, ~ 30% Dodge. Armor I dont remeber. We've quit the dungeon with the first Group of Ravenguards (after the first Boss). They hit even harder. Is it possible to tank this as feral tank if there is no class with disarm in the group? All the other groups had been no issue at all. The guide here in the forum looks great but is is focused on a much later patch level. My main spec is healing, therefore I am not sure if it is lack of gear or lack of skill or both. ;) Do you have any tips for that dungeon?
  7. Hi, I've started to farm Stratholme for the Baron mount as Druid. Does anyone of you know how to get rid of the infight bug you can get on each group you pull? Leave the dungeon would work but would mean to clean the first two mob groups which gives you a stackable 10 minute debuff(disease). You cant stealth out because of the infight bug. In addition Alt+F4 does not work. Well it works to get out of fight... but when you do you are automatically death and staying on the graveyard. Thanks for your answers.