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  1. says phishing or malware website for me
  2. As the title says, I would like to know what the strategies are when fighting against others 1v1. Like, hunter I guess you have to stay in his dead zone etc. Has anybody a link or could summarize it?
  3. as afflock, should your imp also attack or is it only for mana?
  4. I've got some hunter questions and hopefully I can get some answers here: Is the cat I tame at level 10 as strong at level 70 as if I tamed a level 70 cat? Engi/mining or LW/skinning? At level 70 in PVE, should I just use the hunter macro or also some arcane and multi shots for highest dps? Should I use different macros for different speeds during a fight? And how do I see if the macro is working correct or not? The steady shot should just always be between the autoshots right? Thanks
  5. Of course there will be a lot of leveling guilds at the start. But are there any with the prospect of doing heroics and starting raids(-pugs) together once at level 70? I like raiding but I don't have time most weekdays evenings so I will mostly do pugs on Saturdays/Sundays. It would be nice to have some people with similar circumstances in the same guild. Tell me if you know such a guild or are interested in joining one.