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  1. But he wants real ("out-game") money - so what does he care about in-game offenses? That's the correct response. It wasn't really a question, I don't see why you would offer a real answer.
  2. I thought you were giving a relevant response at first, using facts and shit, but turns out you just got insulted and started attacking me persally and aren't being objective so I'll just skip all the personal stuff and remain on topic. "You" are mechanically broken. - not the personal you (which is what you would like to think because it suits you) but the collective you (read: Hunters). Since you obviously view yourself as one (I don't, while I have one it's not my main) it might include you but it wasn't a personal attack but stating an objective fact that Hunters are broken in a (very) core mechanic in their benefit. I'm not surprised you didn't comment on that to avoid raising attention to it and (possibly) getting this fixed (OMG I'll get a NURF!). Some more facts to contraict your statements: 1. No, it's not. And we're not playing wwith 2.4.3 mechanics. Ask any rogue/druid/warrior/others whose bleeds can't affect mechanical, undead and elemental units. So just like other classes, you (the collective you) get to wait for the patch for the mechanics to go live. Where exactly is what I'm saying Biased? (Regardless of cyrillic accent, verbs get -ed not -t in the past tense) 2. You can disagree all you want, but a bug you can work around in 0.01 sec (I'm using both hands - one hits esc on keyboard and the other clicks the mouse) and that I pesronally didn't encounter (starting from RFK till... well, now) is not something that renders your hero "broken" or "unplayable" or any of those terms. As I've said, you're mixing 2 very different things. Also - be careful of what you wish for. Them fixing the animation-timer (the second issue in the 2 you mistake for your 'bug') is the first step in your Steady clipping Auto as it should (because right now it doesn't). 3. Other private servers are never, have never been and never should be the standart for "correct". If you want to claim/prove pets shouldn't move at the same speed as the hunter when they (not the hunter) are outside fighting-mode (yes, it's not the same as in-combat) - find a valid source please. 4. I'm sorry, where is it stated? Because I did look, but other than MoP beta KC tooltips stating your pet needs to be in melee or a WotLK thread about how old tbc KC macroes don't work anymore and " KC is stupid right now and your pet needs to be in melee range AND in combat .." I found nothing substantial. Care to prove your claims? 5. Other than personally attacking me, did you bother checking how pet awareness works? (no, it's not automatically in combat with everything you're in combat with) Did you even try to improve how you micro your pet? Or was it easier to just demand devs change server code and launch a personal insult at anyone shining a light on your behavior? 6. ALWAYS happens? Really? Like any other hunter, my pet gets little-to-no healing on 90% of the runs and raids (notwwithstanding the uncontrollable Chain Heal hops), even when the strategy is "ok, we're going to have pet OT this". So, much like most hunters (and probably more, as a MM spec hunter), I Revive my pet often. And still I've never had the 'bug' you say "always happens when you ress your pet". Maybe the server just loves yanking your chain? idk. I've asked other hunters, only 1 said he "heard of it" (maybe he read your post? idk) and none said they had it happen to them.
  3. You are "mechanically broken", just not in the way you think. And if they DO fix it, your damage will drop, significantly. But let's pummel and confuse you with facts before addressing your emotional distress: It's not a bug before Sept 17. In 2.4.3 Pets definitely did "try to get behind their targets when engaging in melee combat" (Patch 2.3). We're not there yet. Putting that aside, it's not a "big dps loss". Maybe it is a literal dps loss, because the magnitude of what you lose is pretty much the same as 1dps. It doesn't. What you describe is actually 2 different bugs. And it's far from "breaking" your hero. The first one is when Auto Shot seldomely bugs out and instead of shooting generates an Interrupted error. Didn't happen to my hunter since RFK (and even then the fix was hit esc and right-click anything (or double tap Auto). Has nothing to do with switching your target. The second is that switching targets resets your shot timer. What it should do is reset your animation (foreswing) timer. But 100% of private servers don't know wtf animation timer is (this isn't dota1; most players don't know either, and that's a LOT more people) - so just between us I have 0 expectations of any pserver (NW included) ever getting this mechanic to function correctly. Pets (on all pservers) in general move at the hunter's speed when not fighting. For example, your pet will never fall behind you when you use AotC. KC is a hunter spell, not a pet ability. As such, your pet's position has no bearing on it's usage. If you don't even know that much I suggest you think twice before commenting on any "bug". "Oh my GOD I have to micro my pet". Your pet's threat list doesn't work the way you think it does. Make it aware of more targets or don't complain. Literally never had this happen. So how are hunters broken, you ask? Simple. In TBC raiding a hunter had to literally do 3 things: Copy a macro (2 if your raid insisted you actually use MD) from the web. Use elixirs and buff food. Don't forget wearing your gear and buying ammo. Make sure when pressing their only button on the bars that their not clipping their Auto Shot. So where did it break? On the only thing you actually do in raid - #3. Due to Animation Time being an unheard of concept on private servers, without spamming the macro you will never clip Auto. Auto fires even while casting.
  4. And the server won't have a hard time choosing between you and ... well, not you. Pace-to-70 doesn't make the raids easier (which is what most call 'progress'). And you can turn it back to 1x if you like. Or play somwhere else.
  5. 45? LOL stop getting the kid down. There are 3 things that help you preform: Knowing wtf you're doing. Gear. Talents. (around 1% increase per pt in classic. closer to 1.5% in tbc) Contrary to the above, before HCs you don't need all 3. So the answer is a definite yes. In bear everything you do has a threat multiplier (Maul just has another one on top of it). Swipe was never intended to hold threat on it's own. You'll have no issues as long as you know where the tab key is on your keyboard.
  6. You don't have to fish, you can pay for the fish.
  7. Unless you don't know the class, I do not recommend Combat for anything at any point. That said, Subtelty is indeed the superior leveling specialization for both 1.12.1 and 2.4.3. Before Hemorrhage you really should get the slowest MH you can find (if you get the dm/sfk sword they'll easily last you till 30) while after daggers are a possibility (albeit still slightly weaker than real weapons). This is your optimal basic lvl 30 build while you wanna look like this at 44. Note that the incomplete talnets are "floating points" which you can put wherever. After getting all your essntial tempo-setting talents at 44 you can keep building it however you wish. Fighting rotation is fairly straight forward with CS for solo and Garrote for groups. Ghostly should be up at least 70-85% of the time mobs are hitting you (unless you're killing groups or mobs significantly above your level, two things leveling rogues hate doing).
  8. I find PvP boring and repetative and like it even less than you do, but I still am against such a command. All you need to do is go quest in another zone or another toon or (god forbid) log off for a few minutes. Go around the retards and not through changing the server's rules. P.S. This is all true, and still not a reason to change server's policy so much.
  9. BidingMyTime

    Pick Pocket

    I don't usually necro threads, but this is the only one dealing wwith the subject. Pickpocket loot tables are flat out wrong or intnttionally nerfed (would love to know which of the two, maybe a staff member can drop a comment). Yes, the discrepency is there, but after you get out of the early levels the "max values" are gone and you're left with ridiculously low (negligible , really) amounts of "cash". While you can find reference to pickpocket as a valid source of income literally anywhere and for every expansion (with videos showing several silver/mob on avg starting at 20-30 level range), on Netherwing you can litrally pick through all of Zul'Farrak and maybe break the 1s mark. At least I havn't. And no, this isn't limited to ZF it was just an example.
  10. While I'm not saying this isn'tt still true (it is), there's a ay around it. When hit by a fireball your hero will preform a Fire Nova animation. As soon as you se that, move out from your position approximately 15yd (if you don't know how much that is just strafe for 1.5sec). That said, I can't imagine "multiple wipes" as sveral people can't notice their hp dropping by 900/s more than once. "Fool me once, shame on you ...."
  11. Most expensive pouch, ever. I'm pretty sure getting 500g from him in the mail was already all the confirmation they needed.
  12. 1. "Better", much like "Best" is a comparative. It has to be followed by a description of 'when', 'for whom' or 'to what end' (unless you don't care if it's true or not). 2. I don't know where that "instead the hit" concept came from. It's simple, really - as you attack with that weapon (not with a paw), if your attack hits, there's a chance for that effect to happen. 3. I still think there's at least 20% this thread is just trolling.
  13. Well, the level limit could be applied only to characters on other accounts. (Similar to how you can chat in /p at any level, you can send your alts mails at any level) But the 3/hour is too sever. Recently the guild of one of my toon reformed since former leadership stopped playing. The only way to notify those offline was via in-game mail. Doing so 3people/hour would have pretty much nyx the entire opration. We should also only count mails to other accounts (read: "Let me spam my bank alts as much as I want"). I do think that a mail-lockout of T(time) after N mails within 1 hour (n=rounddown(N/10)) in the form of T=(10minute)^n is appropriate; In plain words: you can send up to 10 mails witout a problem, 10 more after a 10min delay once you breach that, but for the next 10 (total 30) you are already on a 1h40m lockout. For tthe 10 after that you will have to return 16 hours later, while the next step is over 6 days. The lockout for step X can revert if no mail is sent for 3 times step (X-1)'s duration. i.e. say you have the 16hour lockout, for it to revert you will have to wait an additional 5hours (300m) after the lockout expires beforee sending the next mail. For reverting from the 6days lockout, 2 more days ithout a mail is required. The idea behind this design is not to prevent any gold spammer sending a letter to someone, ever. You can't do that unless you forbid mails period. What it does do is allow normal (and with a relatively small&reasonable delay semi-large-scale) use of in game mail, while making sure gold spammer's mailing is delayed long enough for spam reports to kick in and ban the account.
  14. So far I've been able to reliably replicate this issue, and this is my conclusion (at least 90% certainty): If you log in to a charachter that is not in /world upon login and join the channel you will be able to see the channel's activity since that moment; You will not, however, be able to chat in /world beforee you log out (without leaving /world) and logging in again. If you have logged in "with world" leaving it and joining again will not entail a relog.
  15. Out of the server FAQ page: Out of The Official 2.4.0 Notes: Out of the Rupture page: So far, seems like an obvious bug. BUT! The 2.4 change was made as part of a bigger trend to progressively simplify (nerf) the earlier expansion content, and the server is a PTE. This raises the question: Are bleeds "intentionally bugged" in order to avoid simplifying the earlier tbc content prior to the server's 2.4 updtae? Would love a staff member's answer reegarding this game-mechanics decision - as player-based guesses to the answer would remain a guess no matter how you spin them (such as the "seeming to remember" comments you find here).