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  1. We should keep BG's marks when a new season comes out. Queues for some BG's are long or we have to wait 4 weeks to farm them.
  2. Hola, Les informo con gusto que el guild va creciendo pero aún falta mas gente q quiera unirse a este proyecto de la comunidad Horda de habla hispana. VAMO VAMO!!!
  3. Why so mad? There are different ways to say the same... And is not a good idea to encourage people to leave the server. There were a lot of people who liked the 2x event. And it was an option to turn it off for those who wanted to stay 1x. What's the big deal about it. Listening ideas might help the server to evolve in a healthy way.
  4. Estamos empezando una comunidad de habla hispana en la Horda. Y ya Somos varios en la guild! Nos encuentras por lo regular en horario NA: - Quedonena - Kohones - Billor Y en horario EU escribele a: - Luthic
  5. Hola, estamos recien emoezando una guild de habla hispana en la horda! Ya Esta creciendo. Mi orc se llama Kohones, mandame un whisp y te invito. La mayoria aún esta lvleando pero si sigue asi ya pronto vamos a tener a varios para empezar con el end game.
  6. Hola, en la horda estamos empezando una guild de habla hispana. Por si te interesa, aregame mi orc se llama Kohones. Asi te puedo invitar.
  7. This will help not only twinks, but also high levels... Even at lvl 70 it is very slow to get BG's marks. Or/and as someone else suggested in another post, to reduce the amount of BG's marks needed to buy PvP gear. I know some people will say, wait for the BG week to get what you need, or roll alliance. This is not the point. The idea is to find a solution that helps everybody.
  8. Thanks for the advice, but I don't like alliance. However, the discussion was more focused on how to get BG's marks and honor to get PvP gear, not on how to get fastest queues. This change will help both factions.
  9. This is a good idea! And will help a lot the PvP community. Right now it is so frustraiting getting PvP gear, or at least reduce the amount of marks and honor required to buy the items. This is set as blizzlike, but Blizzard was set for crossrealm servers and the population here is not high enough to make it work. Here even on each BG weekend is difficult to farm enough marks.
  10. A little late, but this idea sounds great. Queues take so long and makes getting pvp gear really slow.