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  1. Bump. Got about 30 or so, roll Ally with us if you are looking for a late night NA home
  2. As a headsup, we've decided to go Alliance. Got about 30 or so planning to join on launch, join us if you are lookin for a late night NA home.
  3. I'm a fellow PST-er in this situation so I will bump. Definitely a tough time zone to find a raiding guild for.
  4. You are misunderstanding where I am coming from. I never once said it does not matter to me if it is missing. I would love for them to be available, as I indicated. I just believe it is in the best interest of the server to not take on significant delays for this to be completed. Exactly. These people, however, ARE much more likely be involved in competitive raiding and pushing progression early in the server's life. They are the people who care about this issue, as they will be in Naxxramas to farm pre-bis, in ZG to get their head enchants, or farming MC for their main tank's bindings, etc. if the content is available. I agree that this massive group of people will play the largest role in the server's success. However, I don't agree that these people currently don't know about Netherwing and wouldn't be impacted by delays. Right now, there are 4500 people in the server's public discord. Surely most of these people are not actively following development as we are (on the forums, playing beta, etc.). But they do know of the server and believe it worth keeping tabs on as they may end up playing here. There are also almost 12k views on the announcement teaser and likely a few thousand more people who have been made aware of the server through other private server mediums (reddit, etc.). Thus, I would argue a sizable portion of the people who would make up this "hype train" are indeed aware of Netherwing and most do not want to deal with delay's to the server's release, especially when it comes to vanilla content. Going further, even people who are currently unaware of the server are likely to have their opinion's at least partially shaped by this large group of people who are "keeping tabs" on the project. Agreed. But for these people, the availability of vanilla content is not going to be what decides whether or not they find the server satisfying. They are going to judge vastly or almost entirely based off of the content for the expansion in which they are playing. Only a small portion of these people will be raiding in guilds where vanilla would be cleared to fully optimize their characters, and even less will base their final judgment on the server on whether or not this content is available. And, because it has to be said, with other projects on the horizon (both Blizzard-sanctioned and not), delays mean that chunks of these people could be lost. I believe there are just some underlying assumptions that we are disagreeing on (the time it would take to put these raids in an acceptable state, how many people who plan to play here and are aware of it, etc.). Nonetheless, appreciate the debate.
  5. I'm fully aware of all of this. From how they have described the work they did on the rest of vanilla content, I am not sure it is as easy as look at their code, take note of it, and make it compatible with their core. There is also the question of what changes (if any) were applied to these raids at 2.0 or later tbc patches, which is something that would not be touched on by the already existing servers you described. In how they deal with their bugtracker, no other private server is ever accepted as evidence for a change/bug. Under this logic, you would be expecting them to use it as evidence for every single boss that they script. Maybe this is a place where such a compromise is acceptable, I'm not sure. I don't think this argument holds much weight here. The community's interpretation of whether or not this server is a success or failure will not hinge on whether or not vanilla raids are available at launch. I would argue it will (unfortunately) rely much more heavily on how soon the server is available. I'm not saying that the staff should rush to release, but if it was known that release was delayed so that vanilla raids could be scripted and polished, I'm inclined to think there would be significant outcry and backlash. The "I don't care about vanilla" response was already a pretty popular response to the Azeroth showcase.
  6. To more directly answer the poll question, I would be shocked if more than a few players stopped at 60 (if any) to complete vanilla raids, if available. Vanilla raids would be mostly done at level cap by competitive guilds looking for a few items from each instance that remain relevant in TBC raiding. It's not a "this keeps tbc content harder" issue for me. I just do not personally think it is worth it to substantially delay release complete these dungeons. This would mean needing complete loads of research, development, and testing of 50+ boss encounters spread across 6 instances. As for releasing them as-is or in an incomplete state, I do not think that is something that the staff would be interested in and would be taking a contradictory stance to how they have approached other areas of development. Yes, they would add some depth to the game at 70 and a good number of players would utilize the content if available. But I think the costs of delaying release outweigh this.
  7. It's Elwynn Forest 3.5 weeks into an open beta. Of the people who decided to help test, they are (almost all) past Elwynn at this point. I would rest assured that the emptiness of Elwynn on the beta realm almost a month after it launched is nothing to be concerned about. The zone has been thoroughly tested and interest in the server is extremely high.
  8. @Easy I think he means that he intends to lead this guild through the duration of Netherwing, then B's official Classic, TBC, and Wotlk realms (the last 2 being pure conjecture about whether they occur or not).
  9. tcberk

    Warlock full TBC guide

    Can we pin this post. For obvious reasons.