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  1. dab2110

    Tanking Heroics as Arms Warrior?

    Update: Nothing to report really. I'm 65 now, and haven't tanked at all. With the new XP rates, it won't be worth toying much with it. Unfortunately, it appears it doesn't matter much how actually effective it is, because I have been denied a tank spot twice just because people don't think it will be effective. So, perspective > reality, it seems. I will be respeccing a dps-minded prot spec, just to be able to say I'm prot. I'll let you know how soloing goes with it. Edit: To be fair, it's perfectly possible that I was denied a tank spot by people know actually know better, and their perspective is right. So, in this case, it may be their perspective = reality. But, I don;t think that's right.
  2. dab2110

    Tanking Heroics as Arms Warrior?

    I jut hit 58 on my warrior, and intend to hit Outland soon (probably waiting until 59, maybe 60 if it's not too slow in EPL). I have been leveling 2h Fury, and tanking dungeons just fine. I have asked around, and been advised it won't go so well in Outland. I really don't want to respec to Prot until 70, so interested in any advice or opinions on the matter. I will be pushing forward and feeling it out, and I'll report back here. I will probably respec to lean toward prot, instead of being full-DPS around the time I'm moving to Zangarmarsh, unless Ramparts kicks my butt. This is my first attempt at talent choices: http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.php?cid=1&d=tbc&tal=000000000000000000000000550010500521225312110055301330000000000000 Edit: Additional comments I have read a place or two that even through heroics, you can tank just fine in a DPS spec, as long as your gear is sufficient, just need to respec full prot for raiding. I would love to be able to put off Prot until raiding, especially given the afct, I probably won't be playing reliably enough to be any raid's full time tank, and may never go full prot.