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  1. I do not feel the ban was unjust, i just think that you, or i do not know who, ban WRONG account... haren account WASN'T Multiboxing, and THAT account get Perm Ban and account tadik do NOT get Perm Ban. I want know WHY... simply question was asked three times and no one understand still...
  2. Someone still do not understand, I am saying that one account was not multiboxing and that acc get perm ban instead of that one on which I was multiboxing, so my question is still on, why this acc (haren)get banned and multiboxing acc(tadik) was not banned?
  3. Why was first decision 7 days, and then perm ban and why account haren has perm ban, this acc was not multiboxing, only tadik, petpav21 and kevyn.
  4. Hallo, i was Multiboxing with program on accounts: tadik, petpav21, kevyn GM was talking to me, i sad truth about what am i doing, multibox 3 chars with program. GM give me 7days Ban on accounts. I see that now is Perm Ban for accounts: petpav21, haren, kevyn. Can you tell me why?
  5. tadik

    Account status

    When i open it it says: Whoops, looks like something went wrong. Maybe it is only for Game Masters, or?
  6. tadik

    Account status

    Hello, is there a opportunity to see if my account is: active/banned for 3 days/ temporary banned/forever banned?