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  1. You may try to do as Daystar said. Do an appeal. Ask them to see the logs and if you're right, to switch the ban account.
  2. Dualitye


    Uninstall the game, re install and try to play without any addons first.
  3. Try to open a ticket IG first. If you don't have news, contact Daystar on Discord
  4. Hello, what was your ms at this time ?
  5. If you use Raizer mouse btw, from what i saw, it really could be the software
  6. I remember there is a trick. If you respond to the mail, you'll send the amount in gold. So delete this and you'll be fine :)
  7. Hello, Try to see one the bugtrack NW : https://github.com/Atlantiss/NetherwingBugtracker/issues if the bug does not exist If not create an issue :) Regards
  8. We have cookies if you want to join the other side :p
  9. So you want an announce IG to tell people who is banned in real time ?
  10. And you still got 1 week xp*2 to catch the level 70 :) Ps : Alliance forever.
  11. What mouses are you using ? Here are some possibilities i found : https://wowdata.buffed.de/blueposts/viewtopic/6147826760/1011701 Regards,
  12. Hello, you can contact Daystar on discord :)