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  1. we are still looking for resto/ele shamans! last sunday we made our first steps in TK and left it with a dead void reaver!
  2. EtotheZ

    Arcane Mage Guide

    thank you for the work, dude! that's exactly what I need right now! best regards, Harm
  3. still doing our thing and looking for German speaking, good players or social members!!! SSC 4/6 Magh 1/1 since today!
  4. We are still looking for raiding players for our 25man core. (Kara 11/11, Gruul 2/2) Especially looking for shamans. However exceptional players are always considered. For more information PST.
  5. sorry, dass ich so selten hier reinschaue! du bist ja mittlerweile in der gilde angekommen! :) LG
  6. Yes, would be good for tanks and heals. not everything that's blizzlike is actually good.
  7. unser Raidkader nimmt formen an! auch social member sind nach wie vor gerne gesehen!
  8. Hello, we are plenty of players but social members are always welcome!
  9. we have over 300 Members now, never expected so much german-speaking people! cheers!
  10. hallo, ja klar! einfach auf den discord kommen https://discord.gg/NunHaeX ingame kannst du auch jemanden anschreiben, zum bsp. Grafzahl, Stinki oder Harm
  11. Noch eine Stunde, dann geht's los! https://discord.gg/NunHaeX
  12. we would much appreciate that! just join our new discord https://discord.gg/NunHaeX
  13. hey, thanks! just join our discord server my friend! https://discord.gg/NunHaeX
  14. a happy new year! 3 more days and the journey begins! come join us!
  15. 5 more days till we start our journey! come join us on our ride!