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  1. Would you guys consider character transfers from ExcaliburWoW since it is shutting down? With these transfers, though, instead of the gear that is currently on that character, can we be given certain green items to start level 70 off fresh? I know some people would be opposed to this, but I think it would make it fair to those on this server that have worked hard for where they are at now.
  2. I think it might have had to do with the fact that my character was drunk at the time and it had an error trying to display the hat while everything was blurry. Not sure at this point. It has displayed correctly since my character sobered up.
  3. When you try to control + click the Pointy Red Hat reward from the quest WANTED: Annihilator Servo! in Netherstorm causes an error and causes the game to terminate. I want to do this quest for the reward but don't want to because I am not sure if equipping the item will cause loss of login of my character or a crash of the game...
  4. Server first. Constant raid clears and farming current top tier raids in this content. Hardcore guild, basically.
  5. This isn't game breaking or anything but is anyone else not getting a single item whenever they loot a Fel Iron Chest? If so, I think this is something that needs a little attention.
  6. What is the best guild on Netherwing that is almost the equivalent to <Method> on retail? Are they Horde or Alliance?
  7. Why buy it when you can farm it? It's good to save gold instead of wasting it on things that you can get yourself. Plus, farming it you can make more gold by items that drop off the mobs. So, you tell me which one is more efficient. Also, not everyone is in a big hurrying in everything they do in game. No reason to be.
  8. Where do you guys like to farm Runecloth? I hear Hearthglen is a good place. I hear that the farms with the undead roaming about in Western Plaguelands are good spots. I want to hear your opinions on the best spot(s), why it is good, and what the drop rate for you was/is.
  9. I hope they make a separate server for the transition and give you the option to transfer one character over. I like TBC servers and Netherwing is one of the best I have seen next to Hellground in the past 11 years of playing private servers.
  10. You are correct. It was patch 3.2 when it was introduced. I should have researched it instead of relying on memory. Much appreciated!
  11. Was wondering why the experience eliminator isn't in his usual spot and why it hasn't been implemented yet?
  12. Thank you, Epiclesis! It's a shame, though :(
  13. I am not sure if this has been addressed but are events such as the Midsummer Fire Festival going to occur? I haven't seen any setup for it in any towns or major cities yet.