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  1. Playing Bg's for 12 days on Alliance side, never ever had more wins than losses every Day playing like about 20 games and got only 6-7wins max. Ally is not better, sometimes even played 20 bg's+ and cannot reach that 4 wins bonus honor because Alliance cant win these 4 games. IMO EU ally are trash af in pvp. At which server hours you playing mate? Im playing at EU hours and Alliance playing like trash, pathetic pvp experience, when most games are insta lose for Alliance
  2. geared company at ally side beating horde sooooo hard ,but there is a lot new fresh 70's so bg's are decent right now
  3. Pvp is healthy at really good state with bg's and arenas
  4. Retail Vanilla? You are wrong mate, this classic wow gonna be crap, beta is already dead, I played beta and its rly crap cause it not same classic like 15yo its Activision classic not Blizzard Vanilla. Ppl Will leave that shitty classic after month. IMO this server is much much better than this coming classic, for sure, even streams dont rly like that classic. You cant realize how exhausted classic is, more than tbc, and you want X2 perm exp but waiting for x1 classic? Thats strange. Also you said ppl hate to be camped, better be ready cause you and others will get much more camped in classic wow
  5. ally losing many right now ,a lot of greens unskilled players but when geared company join bg's horde are crush
  6. I've notice that pvp and bg's are quiet balance. Thanks for answer Macumbafeh :)
  7. How Alliance looks now at bg? Losing a lot? Or quiet dominate?
  8. I'm leveling ally char as pvp veteran cause Alliance always was that pvp faction, but only wanted to ask is that what ppl said about Alliance ''weak in bg'' are truth Alliance got fast que So, that means there is more pvp Players at horde side?
  9. Hey guys. I'm New Player in here and aiming for pvp and there is my question, which faction dominate bg's on this server? Horde or Alliance? Or its balanced? Just asking cause wanna know how healthy pvp is in here. Saw some topics at forum and ppl said that Alliance is quiet weak.