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  1. teddysftw

    Netherwing Chat Censorship

    it's time to move on nibba
  2. teddysftw

    Arena Standing´s overview?

    Latest news on this is Emtec saying "maybe I will finish today pvp stats on website" that was last saturday (6days ago)
  3. teddysftw

    Explain me the mmr system please

    well in that case people have too much mmr and need to lose more mmr every time they lose, because at the moment almost every single high rated team has way higher mmr than their team rating (probably because we are using wotlk system? are we gna see 3k ratings at the end of the season? lol) which means they lose very little points every time they lose, but gain a lot of points every time they win
  4. teddysftw

    Explain me the mmr system please

    1:29:40 +12 -6 team A wins 1:34:01 +12 -7 team B wins Imagine each team winning 10 games and losing 10 games. The system has generated 130 points (70 points for one and 60 points for the other team) and even though both teams are still the same skill level, their rating has increased significantly. See the problem now? The problem is that there's too much rating in the system. I understand this change (because in the normal system, the only thing generating rating are new teams), but what I am saying is that it's too drastic. The simple solution is to make teams lose more rating ... nobody needs rating decay, just lose more points every time you lose. Losing 6 points at 2300 rating is just ridiculous. Make it +12 -11 or +12 -10 ... there will still be rating generated by the system, but it won't be such a clusterfuck as it is right now. Or even better ... reward the better team by making them win more points. Instead of +12 -7 make it +14 -12. That way you are giving rating to the winner as a reward and not taking less rating from the loser. If you are constantly beating other teams you should have higher rating than them even if you play less games. In this system people who play more games get more rating even if their win ratio is significantly lower ... which is not how it's supposed to work. Reward the winner, not the loser!
  5. teddysftw

    Explain me the mmr system please

    Well but comparing team ratings should tell you something, because it's what the titles are based on ... so if you are on 2300 team rating and you are losing 3 points to a 2100 rated team then this "system" is just not working If you want to award titles based on mmr then sure, keep the system, but I am telling you it's not working right now. Ask anyone above 2100 and they will tell you that the system is just extremely weird and people are just not losing rating the way they should. With Schaka's help it should be pretty easy to emulate nextgen's system (where the usage of mmr did not completely fuck the entire system). You simply can't be losing between 3 and 8 points if you are 2300 rated. If the system is completely ignoring team rating and goes solely based on mmr then I can just leave my team, spam losses until my mmr is at 1500, join back my old team and keep getting +15 from 1500 rated players, but in a 2300 rated team. It's hard to explain, but it's just not working correctly right now.
  6. teddysftw

    Explain me the mmr system please

    That might be the case. However I'd like a blue post on this because currently (to me or anyone I've spoken with) the arena system just does not make any sense. It's almost impossible to lose rating, because same(or +-) rated teams are getting maybe double the points per win (compared to the points they are losing for a loss). What this means is that basically with a 50-50 win ratio, your rating will be going up and up and up ... which is just .... dumb?
  7. teddysftw

    Explain me the mmr system please

    Yeah, but "reworked arena system" doesn't really explain anything though does it?
  8. teddysftw

    Explain me the mmr system please

    We (around 1950team last week) beat a 2250 team and get 15 points, they lose 8 points ????????
  9. teddysftw

    Dealing with a burnout

    I've had this happen to me with Port Royale 2 & Icewind Dale 2, games that I used to play the shit out of when I was a kid. Just go do something else ... it's never going to be the same.
  10. teddysftw

    Changing account email

  11. teddysftw

    Arena announcement discussion

    How does everyone feel about the announcement? Well I don't really like it. I am being forced to decide whether I fall behind in gear or invest even more time into the game. I generally work 30-50h every week, but even so, managed to get 6 hours/day /played every day since launch. Now on top of farming gold, nethers and bgs I have to invest 1,5-2h into arena every day. Like come on . Arena is supposed to be chill and not like oh you literally have to log in every day to do 15 games or you lose points. I guess I can just lose 15 games quick but .... isn't that just dumb? How are the top teams with high mmr going to do 15 games/day every day? It's going to be impossible unless you intentionally lose to drop your mmr. Before calling me casual I just wanted to say that I literally invest every single minute of my FREE time into the game. It's not like I am back in university and can play 12+h/day. I'm sure there's more people like me that feel backstabbed by this change.
  12. teddysftw

    Battlegrounds Activity

    people are raiding t5, but there's nothing to do on the server at max level? lol
  13. teddysftw

    Logging in to Game Server Issue

    you can't get in rn because the server is down
  14. teddysftw

    help me to choose destro vs mutilate

    go warlock because 50% of the server will be running undead rogues