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  1. So today I've noticed this message in world chat: I was wondering if this kind of webstore/in-gamegold trading was allowed between players, and in that case wouldn't that be like selling in-game gold for real money? Would this kind of trading mess up with the in-game economy? I'm not making any accusations, I'm just asking questions, if anybody could clarify this for me then I would be very grateful!
  2. Addons use WoW APIs to function and there are no WoW APIs that would allow you to cast any kind of spell/action automatically, in other words one click equal one spell/action (of course you can still cast multiple spells at the same time if they have no global cool down, but they would still require at least one click). So there's no addons capable of automated spells/actions casting because the game itself doesn't allow it. And that's the reason why there can't be any "forbidden" addons, because any addon action is restricted by the APIs limitations that have been set by the WoW developers. A third party software on the other hand can simulate mouse clicks therefore being able to do automated actions like fishing, but this is not an addon, this is a completely separated piece of software that is not limited by the WoW APIs. Like even a simple mouse clicker can be considered a bot. I hope this can clarify a bit some of your doubts.
  3. Hello everyone, I just wanted to share an information that might be helpful to people who like me prefer to have a simple vanilla UI while still using some useful addons. If you're using Gatherer then you should be aware of that slide bar button (see the screenshot below) that appears to not be possible to turn off in any way, there's no options in the menu or any slash command is mentioned in the readme file. After hacking a bit I discovered that this button is dependent from another addon integrated in Gatherer that is called SlideBar (Interface\AddOns\Gatherer\Libs\SlideBar) and that there's a slash command that allows you to set a few options for it. So if you type this: /slidebar a series of options will show up in the chat: And as you can see there's also a command to hide the slide bar: /nsb off or alternatively: /slidebar off Hopefully this is going to help you keep that vanilla UI neat and clean!
  4. First of all thanks for your replies guys. I tried to enable that Blizzard addon through that script but it didn't fix the problem for me. Then I checked my addons folder and looks like I was missing most of the Blizzard addons from the archive that tsu gave me (as you can see from the screenshot below), so I copied the missing addons into my folder and the problem is now solved! So thank you again guys for the time you spent to help me and an extra kudos to tsu for the good intuition! Now I'm wondering if I could still extract these Blizzard addons from some mpq archive inside my WoW installation folder and why they haven't been installed automatically?! The mysteries and wonders of the modern digital technology...
  5. Hello, this might be a game cache related issue. Go to your WoW installation folder (ex. "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft 2.4.3\") and delete the folder called "Cache" or empty the "WDB" folder inside of it. Also remember to close your WoW client before doing this.
  6. Hello there, since I didn't see anyone mentioning it in this thread (please let me know if I overlooked something) I'd like to give you another possible fix to performance issues. I'm referring to a very specific problem related to a Windows 7 (or even other Windows versions) application called Game Explorer that comes already installed with the OS. The main symptom of this issue is a very high and unjustified usage of the GPU that is somehow related to a mysterious executable called "rundll.exe". If you wanna know more and learn how to fix it feel free to check my other post:
  7. Hello, I've been experiencing this same issue with TES Oblivion, and after a few days of searching I found this thread and I discovered that it's a Windows 7 bug that has never been fixed and it's related to the Game Explorer application that comes with this OS. I think one of the main purposes of this app is to add some extra information to the new games that you install, like PEGI ratings, game covers and things like that. So every time you run a game this Game Explorer starts up and connects to some Microsoft database to download this extra information. Now this "rundll.exe" that you see is not used by the game itself but by the Game Explorer and since some old games like this version of WoW or some old non-Steam versions of Oblivion might not be present in this Microsoft database the Game Explorer gets stuck and starts to load up all the CPU. If it was a single player game you could simply launch the game while staying offline and even though the "rundll.exe" would still be called out by the Game Explorer it wouldn't load all your CPU power, but the "rundll.exe" would keep running in the background even after you close the game and as soon as you connect to the internet it would start eating your CPU again, so you would need to either force to close "rundll.exe" through the Windows Tasks Manager (CTRL+Shift+Esc) or reboot your system. But obviously this wouldn't be a solution for online games! Personally I fixed the problem by renaming the Game Explorer library file in the System32 folder that is called "gameux.dll", I renamed it to something like "gameux.dll.tmp" (you'll need to give Admin permissions to your Windows account to edit this file). This way the Game Explorer will stop trying to use that "rundll.exe" improperly. Even though you already fixed the problem I thought I would share this information anyway to give you a more clear idea of what's going on with that "rundll.exe" and also a possible alternative way to fix the issue.
  8. Hello everyone, I've just started playing on this realm and so far it seems to be very well made with good scripting and server stability. I'm just experiencing one minor issue; every time I open the main menu in game I get this message: If I click on disable then every time I login I get this LUA error: If I click on ignore then I keep getting the previous error when I open the main menu in game. I've just installed the game by using my original good ol' WoW CDs and then I installed the 2.x.x to 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 patches, so I don't think it's a problem with my client considering that I don't get any other sort of errors or glitches while playing. Also I'm playing it raw without any addons at all, and just to be sure I also cleared the game cache by emptying the WDB folder. I'm not sure what else I should check to try and fix this little bug, if any of you have an idea please don't hesitate to write it down here!