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  1. Skyzoo

    Slow down

    Warsong is the worst BG in my opinion. Indeed it's really gear oriented compared to Arathi/Eye of the storm and the horde has way more gear than alliance, it's a total rape there lol
  2. Hello, May we have an update regarding arena tournament? Is it over soon or do we still have like 1 or 2 weeks? Ty!
  3. LH said it would take 15 days after classic launch approx. to have data at disposal :)
  4. I strongly agree... hard to farm especially for new joiners
  5. Hello, You guys should let the X2 XP, it is a great incentive to recruit new players and compensate the fall of players that will happen at classic launch, It has been realy easy to recruit my friends to come play on this server with this XP event, now that's it's over the others are more reluctant unfortunately, Please bring back (free) xp bonus :)))