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  1. Good day everyone, Being active since February and raiding since March we would like to introduce our guild and give an overview. We previouly were active on the german private server Nefarian, Horde site, where we managed to clear the Vanilla content and have it on farm status for quite a while (especially Naxxramas). Fusioning two rivaling Horde guilds in summer 2018 in order to archieve the goal of getting Kel´Thuzad killed and consequently having Naxxramas cleared, the name <overtuned> was a friendly-ironic ment dig against the server administration for significantly-tuned Naxxramas bosses. We are now on to take the next steps. We are a well mixed composition of former <overtuned> players, players from other classic guilds and quite some completely new players (to us) by now - many with TBC experience. We are always recruiting motivated players who want to find themselves in pleasent company, have fun, don´t take it too serious at all time and be up for a joke but take it serious enough (especially on encounters and demanding trash positions) to make sure we are getting things done on a good level. Current Raid status: Karazhan 11/11 Gruul 1/1 Magtheridon 1/1 SSC 6/6 TK 4/4 MH 5/5 BT 8/9 Raids: Main Raids (Black Temple & Mount Hyjal and if needed SSC + TK for attunements) are scheduled (CET, ST) Tuesday & Thursday 19:30 - 23:00 pm, Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 pm ZA every ID, usually timeruns, via raid-calendar to subscribe Gruul spontaneously, usually when some raid-time is left to fill Karazhan spontaneously, often on fridays when ZA-ID is already used Loot: We are operating on a Loot Council (in T5- and T6-content - any other raid is rolling) to make sure we get the best support for our raids. Nevertheless our Loot Council is rather moderate and will make sure every active player will always be on a good item level and from time to time get rewarded, so nobody "falls behind". By writing a "+" in the raid channel you tell the Council you are interested in an item after it was posted. The Council will then tell the Loot Master who will receive the item or is allowed to roll for it. There is a lot of LC-work done before and between raids so we are able not to lose much time while raiding. Requirements: English-speaking TeamSpeak 3 installed + microphone (voice is a must) Good mannered, raid-orientated behaviour Be able to accept a mistake you made - nobody is perfect, neither is any of us - always be up to improving you and the raid! and...of course... have fun playing Currently especially searching for (recruitment is not limited to the following!): 1 Holy Priest 2 Resto Shamans 1 Ele Shaman 1 Feral 1 Ret-Pala 1 Prot warri 1 Hunter Contact: Website: www.overtuned-netherwing.com via PM (Forum + preferably ingame) just contact us ingame - we are always up for a talk on our TS3-Server aswell Also feel free to contact our other Officers: Alliesa, Hatebringer, Jerkjane, Muhrog, Nahazz, Skas, Slybow & Tweet) Thanks to the server administration for giving us the chance to play the content on an awesome server. Have a good time and hopefully see you ingame! Greetings