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  1. There is also a plugins addons that you can download from the same place on github that gives you ELV UI, they are pretty good and only work with ELV UI, for example recount and omen skins, friends list with class icons and enchanced text, swing bar, and all sorts of tweaks
  2. It's a bit cleaner now, The party frames are cleaner now, and have cast bar, And I've put cartographer on top of the right chat
  3. I MEANT TO SAY PROFILES, sorry man, my bad, and sorry for late reply
  4. Well i haven't really check time, but this was about 15-30 minutes of random gameplay both dummy and some mobs in some city i was before, cant tell, but this is casual statistic from casual attacking casual stuff.. soo i think its sort of valid to the argument
  5. Numbers don't mean anything.. so chill and kill people ingame
  6. Just cause there is more horde over alliance in % doesn't mean that alliance needs "bonuses". It's actually self explanatory..
  7. It's just numbers. I have always been an alliance player, both private and retail server. And all i see is people looking at number and making excuses. I even think if a faction is underpopulated it has advantage..
  8. I don't see it that way. I disagree.
  9. You mentioned that rend is part of rotation so i would suggest 3 points there first before any other 2 points in charge and anger management is better for initial and stable rage Overpower 50% crit very vital as it means its above 50% with your crit change, and if you test it its actually 75ish % in the long run overall Chance to resist stun and charm is useless while leveling in my opinion Slam over Execute talent Rage is never enough 1 points for aoe hamstring, sing me the fvck up please (usefull for both leveling and anti ganking or securing kills) I don't really see this very useful cause i would love to miss with my attacks and utilize Overpower Hey this is my theory craft about talent tree, i wish you find this helpful and i hope you make one bad ass warrior guide. And i hope you use some colors and make this an eye candy of a post So far i like it, i hope we can contribute all and improve it, cause i myself see myself as leveling warrior as well, but not as my main. Cheers
  10. Sorry i changed the files to public, you can access them now, cheers
  11. Burkelone


    After trying out many classes and learned a bit more i decided the Mage isn't gonna cut it for me in this expansion, i decided to roll Priest after all, but i appreciated your effort and thank you !